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Bibliography of Data Sources for Low-Temperature Vapor-Liquid Equilibria in Non-Absorber Oil Systems, Feb. 1971


NGPA Project 692-A, Low-Temperature Vapor-Liquid Equilibria in Nonabsorber Oil Systems was initiated under Prof. Robert D. Gunn, University of Texas (Austin) in September 1969. This project was granted under procedures in which the needs of NGPA participating companies, with respect to this area of technology, were defined as carefully as possible by the Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Steering Committee. These needs were screened with respect to: the approach recommended, pertinence to NGPA needs, the experience of the investigator, and the probability that the approach suggested would succeed. The primary objective of this project is the development of improved engineering tools for process and plant design for systems of light components which do not employ absorber oils. The first phase of the project is oriented toward testing existing mathematical relationships for predicting vapor-liquid equilibrium within the general framework of the Chueh-Prausnitz method, improving them, and/or developing new ones. To test the relationships properly, all existing data need to be gathered, that of poorer quality identified or eliminated, and the remainder assembled into a useful reference bank. The first product of this work is this up-to-date annotated bibliography of data sources. Insofar as possible it represents the data available worldwide on systems of interest to natural gas processors. It will be followed shortly by publication of the reference bank of all the data gleaned from these sources.

R.D. Gunn and S.V. Mainkar - University of Texas, Austin, Texas

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