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Budget Estimate Capital Cost Curves for Gas Conditioning and Processing - Updated 2018


This paper presents cost curves for most of the standard processes utilized in our industry. Actual data of completed plants as well as more detailed estimates of proposed plants, were used in developing and updating the curves. Over time, these curves were changed and modified using client data as well as data found in industry publications. Curves have gone through much scrutiny prior to their presentation to GPA Midstream. The cost curves enclosed are meant to be used for budget estimates and are not intended for use other than for order of magnitude. The curves are based upon U.S. Gulf Coast installation. The curves were updated based on cost data from June 2017 Nelson-Farrar cost factors from the Oil & Gas Journal and are, therefore, based upon 2017 dollars.

Carter Tannehill, Independent Consultant & Ajey Chandra, Muse Stancil & Co.

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