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Survey of Recent Plant Spacing Recommendations


The spacing of equipment and process units inside a natural gas processing plant, compressor station, or other midstream facility is influenced by equipment maintenance, safety, and insurance requirements. Equipment spacing requirements are typically specified early in a project to assist with determination of the size of the plant site and for siting of equipment within the plot. Spacing pertains to minimum distances between units or equipment. Proper spacing within a plant site results in a safe and easy to operate and maintain facility. The Survey is designed for preliminary design of the construction of midstream facilities or the addition of equipment and process units to existing facilities. The Survey should aid in the preparation of specifications and layout for a particular project leaving the actual spacing requirements to the discretion of each company and its responsible engineer in charge. Users of the Survey should not rely exclusively on the information contained in this document. Work sites and equipment operations may differ. Users are solely responsible for assessing their specific equipment and premises in determining the appropriateness of the Survey. Sound business, scientific, engineering, and safety judgment should be used in employing the information contained herein. As is true with all spacing recommendations, guidelines do not address life safety or third-party liability issues. The Survey distances are not to imply that every possible hazard has been identified at a facility or that no other hazards exist. A complete hazard identification and evaluation program should be conducted.

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