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Computer Program Documentation and Development Standards (Retired)

Retired GPA 9175

The first and primary reason for good documentation is to supply the user with a program that is easy to use. Secondly, experience has shown that when a program is developed, it is usually modified by the purchaser and the seller. Usually, a program is modified to extend its validity, accuracy, or function. Often, many different people are involved in program modifications over some long time period. Good program documentation makes these modifications much simpler to make. Thirdly, if adequate documentation is maintained during the development of a program and during later program modifications, three things are facilitated. 1) GPA Midstream can more easily maintain control of the development of a program. 2) History of modifications and releases is more easily kept. 3) Program quality is improved. Some programs are developed directly for GPA, while others are developed independently and are presented for acceptance and distribution. Programming standards, as applied to documentation, should be the same for both cases.

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