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Tentative NGL Loading Practices (Retired)

Retired RB 194

This reference bulletin presents suggested safety practices and procedures pertaining to the loading and unloading of NGL (Natural Gas Liquids) at gas processing plants, refineries, tank farms, and marine and pipeline terminals. Many existing codes, standards, regulations, and safety practices, as employed by a cross section of the industry, have been used in preparing this document. This reference bulletin is not intended to be a code or standard for loading or unloading procedures, or for NGL facility design, but is intended to be a guide for installations where the loading or unloading of NGL is performed. Included in this reference bulletin is a bibliography containing references to material that pertain to the design and operation of NGL installations. Although several states have regulations pertaining to the transfer of NGL into or out of tank trucks, tank cars, and barges at loading facilities, references to individual state regulations have not been included. The bibliography is referenced by numbers placed at the end of various paragraphs.

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