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Temperature Correction for the Volume of NGL and LPG Tables 23E, 24E, 53E, 54E, 59E, and 60E

GPA 8217-19

This revised standard is effective upon the date of publication and supersedes the ASTM-IP 1952 Petroleum Measurement Tables, GPA 2142, GPA TP-16, Tables 33 and 34 of API MPMS Chapter 11.1-1980 Volumes XI/XII (Adjuncts to ASTM D1250-80 and IP 200/80), and API/ASTM/GPA TP-27. However, due to the nature of the changes in this revised standard and the fact that it is or may be incorporated by reference in various regulations, it is recognized that guidance concerning an implementation period may be needed in order to avoid disruptions within the industry and ensure proper application. An application, for this purpose, is defined as the point where the calculation is applied. The actual standard represented by this report consists of the explicit implementation procedures. Sample tables and other examples created from a computerized version of these implementation procedures are presented within. However, these are for examples only and do not represent the standard. Once the revised standard is implemented in a particular application, the previous standard will no longer be used in that application. However, the use of API and GPA standards remains voluntary, and the decision on when to use a standard is an issue that is subject to the negotiations between the parties involved in the transaction.

GPA Midstream Association and API

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