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Calculation of Gross Heating Value, Relative Density, Compressibility and Theoretical Hydrocarbon Liquid Content for Natural Gas Mixtures for Custody Transfer

GPA 2172-19

This standard presents procedures for calculating, at base conditions from composition, the following properties of natural gas mixtures: gross heating value, relative density (real and ideal), compressibility factor and theoretical hydrocarbon liquid content which in the U.S. is typically expressed as GPM, the abbreviation for gallons of liquid per thousand cubic feet of gas. Rigorous calculation of the effect of water upon these calculations is complicated. Because this document relates primarily to custody transfer, the water effect included is an acceptable contractual calculation. Annex A of this standard contains a detailed investigation of the effect of water and detailed derivations of the equations presented in the standard. Last revised 2009, reaffirmed 2014 & 2019

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