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Obtaining Natural Gas Samples for Analysis by Gas Chromatography

GPA 2166-17

Reaffirmed - 2017 w/ no changes. The purpose of this publication is to recommend procedures for obtaining samples from flowing natural gas streams that represent the composition of the vapor phase portion of the system being analyzed. These representative samples are subsequently transported to a laboratory and analyzed for compositions and/or trace contaminants or analyzed onsite by portable or on-line chromatographs. This publication includes detailed sampling procedures for each of 8 test methods: 1.) Purging - Fill & Empty Method 2.) Purging - Controlled Rate Method 3.) Evacuated Container Method 4.) Reduced Pressure Method 5.) Helium "Pop" Method 6.) Glycol or Water Displacement Method 7.) Floating Piston Cylinder Method 8.) Portable and On-Line Gas Chromatographs

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