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Research Reports 100-149

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RR-100 Water Content of NGL in Presence of Hydrates, June 1986-
RR-101 Vapor-Liquid Equilibria Measurements on the Systems Methane-Methlcyclohexane, Nitrogen-n-Propylbenzene, Hydrogen Sulfide-nPropylbenzene, Propane-Toluene, Propane-m-Xylene and Propane-Methylcyclohexane, June 1986-
RR-102 Enthalpies of Solution of CO2 in Aqueous Methyldiethanolamine Solutions, September 1986-
RR-103 Enthalpies and Phase Boundary Measurements: Equal Molar Mixtures of n-Pentane with Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen Sulfide, December 1986-
RR-104 Equilibrium Solubility of Carbon Dioxide or Hydrogen Sulfide in Aqueous Solutions of Monoethanolamine, Diglycolamine, Diethanolamine and Methyldiethanolamine, March 1987-
RR-105 Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium and Condensing Curves for a Gas Condensate Containing Nitrogen, April 1987-
RR-106 Influence of High Concentrations of Methanol on Hydrate Formation and the Distribution of Glycol in Liquid-Liquid Mixtures, April 1987-
RR-107 Thermodynamic Properties of Pure Hydrogen Sulfide and Mixtures Containing Hydrogen Sulfide with Methane, Carbon Dioxide , Methylcyclohexane and Tolene, March 1987-
RR-108 Enthalpies of Solution of CO2 in Aqueous Diethanolamine Solutions, May 1987-
RR-109 Acoustic Determination of the Thermodynamic Reference State Heat Capacity of n-Heptane Vapor, May 1987-
RR-110 Thermophysical Properties for Special High CO2 Content Mixtures, May 1987-
RR-111 Additional Evaluation of GPA*SIM Computer Program with GPA Data Bank of Selected VLE Data, T. E. Daubert, December 1987-
RR-112 Evaluation of Equi-Phase (Peng Robinson) Computer Program with GPA Data Bank of Selected VLE Data, December 1987-
RR-113 Vapor Liquid Equilibrium in Propane-Odorant Systems - Heng Joo Ng, D. B. Robinson, January 1989-
RR-114 Enthalpies of Solution of H2S in Aqueous Diethanolamine Solutions, May 1988-
RR-115 Liquid-Liquid-Vapor Equilibria in Cryogenic LNG Mixtures - Phase VI, December 1987-
RR-116 Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium and Condensing Curves for a Highly Aromatic Gas Condensate, August 1988-
RR-117 Solubility of Methanol or Glycol in Water-Hydrocarbon Systems, March 1988-
RR-118 GPSWAT: GPA Sour Water Equilibria Correlation & Computer Program, February 1990-
RR-119 Triethylene Glycol Vaporization Losses In Supercritical C02, March 1989-
RR-120 H2O Content Values of a CO2-5.31 Mol Percent Methane Mixture, January 1989-
RR-121 Experimental Enthalpies of Pentanes-plus Fractions, January 1989-
RR-122 Properties of CO2 Mixtures with N2 and with CH4, July, 1989-
RR-123.1 Reference State Heat Capacities of Three C-8 Compounds, REV. 2018-
RR-124 Equilibrium Solubility of CO2 or H2S in Aqueous Solutions of DEA at Low Partial Pressures, July, 1989-
RR-125 Equilibrium Solubility of CO2 or H2S in Protonated Solutions of DEA, June 1989-
RR-126 Phase Behavior and Properties of an Aromatic Condensate Containing 20 Mole Percent Nitrogen, December 1989-
RR-127 Enthalpies of Solution of H2S in Aqueous Methyldiethanolamine Solutions, August 1990-
RR-128 Enthalpies of Water + Methanol Mixtures between 180 and 320 K, May 1991-
RR-129 Human Response Research Evaluation of Alternate Odorants for LP-Gas, October 1990
RR-130 A Thermodynamically Consistent Model for the Prediction of Solubilities and Enthalpies of Solution of Acid Gases in Aqueous Alkanolamine Solutions, August 1995-
RR-131 The Solubility of Selected Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Triethylene Glycol, December 1991-
RR-132 Water Content of Ethane, Propane, and Their Mixtures in Equilibrium with Liquid Water or Hydrates, February 1991-
RR-133 Volume Correction Factors for Natural Gas Liquids Phase 1, December 1991-
RR-134 Evaluation of Four Methods for Predicting Hydrate Equilibria, December 1991-
RR-135 Vapor Liquid Equilibria for Volatile-Sulfur-Containing Systems, February 1994-
RR-136 Predictive Model for the Thermophysical Properties of Carbon Dioxide Rich Mixtures, March 1994-
RR-137 The Solubility of Selected Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Monoethylene Glycol, March 1994-
RR-138 Thermodynamic Properties of CO2 + CH4 Mixtures, June 1995-
RR-139 Thermodynamic Properties of CO2 + C2H6 Mixtures, June 1995-
RR-140 Thermodynamic Properties of CO2 + N2 Mixtures, June 1995-
RR-141 Thermodynamic Properties of CO2 + H2S Mixtures, June 1995-
RR-142 Experimental Enthalpies of Nitrogen-Rich Systems, March, 1994-
RR-143 A Study of Passivation Agents for Odorized Propane Containers, March 1994-
RR-144 Enthalpies of Mixing of Systems Containing Methane, Methanol and C7 Hydrocarbons, May 1996-
RR-145 Enthalpies of C7+Methane+Methanol Mixtures Between 180 and 320 K, December 2002-
RR-146 Fluoride Contamination in LP Gas, August 1995-
RR-147 Density Measurements on Natural Gas Liquids, September 1995-
RR-148 Volume Correction Factors for Natural Gas Liquids - Phase II, October, 1995-
RR-149 Vapour-Liquid & Vapour-Liquid-Liquid Equilibria for H2S, CO2, Selected Light Hydrocarbons and a Gas Condensate in Aqueous Methanol or Ethylene Glycol Solutions, March 1995-

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