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Research Reports 001-049

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RR-001 Bibliography of Data Sources for Low-Temperature Vapor-Liquid Equilibria in Non-Absorber Oil Systems, Feb. 1971-
RR-002 K-Values in Highly Aromatic and Highly Naphthenic Real Oil Absorber Systems, March 1971-
RR-003 Enthalpy and Entropy of Non-Polar Liquids at Low Temperatures, April 1971-
RR-004 Evaluation of Eight Enthalpy Correlations, May 1971-
RR-005 Experimental Measurements of Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Data for the Ethane-Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen-n-Pentane Binary Systems - Kurata-Swift Consulting Engineers, Lawrence, KS.- December 1971-
RR-006 Enthalpies of Methane-C7 Systems - Bert Eakin, Grant M. Wilson - August 1972-
RR-007 Equilibrium Phase Properties of the Binary Systems:Nitrogen-Hydrogen Sulfide, Isobutane-Hydrogen Sulfide , Isobutane-Carbon Dioxide, Isobutane-Ethane, D.B. Robinson, G. J. Besserer - June 1972-
RR-008 1971-1972 Enthalpy Correlation Evaluation Study - Kenneth E. Starling, October 1972-
RR-009 Enthalpies of Hydrogen Sulfide-Methane-Ethane Systems, February 1975-
RR-010 Solubility of Solid Carbon Dioxide in Pure Light Hydrocarbons and Mixtures of Light Hydrocarbons, February 1974-
RR-011 GPA Experimental Enthalpy Values Referred to Two Base Levels, September 1974-
RR-012 Enthalpy and Phase Boundary Measurements on Carbon Dioxide and Mixtures of Carbon Dioxide with Methane, Ethane, and Hydrogen Sulfide, June 1975-
RR-013 Prediction of Absorber Oil K-Values and Enthalpies, March 1977-
RR-014 Solubility of Heavier Hydrocarbons in Liquid Methane, March 1975-
RR-015 Equilibrium Phase Properties of Selected Binary Systems at Low Temp.: Nitrogen - Hydrogen Sulfide, Ethane - Hydrogen Sulfide, n-Butane - Carbon Dioxide, March 1975-
RR-016 Solubility Limits of Heavy Hydrocarbons in NGL and LNG Mixtures, November 1975-
RR-017 Smoothed Experimental Enthalpy Data for Three Methane-Ethane Binaries and a Methane-Ethane Propane Ternary, May 1976-
RR-018 Equilibium Phase Properties of Selected Binary Systems: n-Heptane - Hydrogen Sulfide, n-Heptane-Carbon Dioxide, i-Butane-Nitrogen, August 1976-
RR-019 Vapor Phase Data for the Binary Systems of Methane with n-Butane, n-Pentane, n-Hexane, and n-Heptane - September 1976-
RR-020 K-Values for the Methane-n-Butane, Methane-n-Pentane, and Methane -n-Hexane Systems, September 1976-
RR-021 Dew-Point Values for the Methane-Carbon System, September 1976-
RR-022 Solubility of Hydrocarbons in Cryogenic LNG and NGL Mixtures, December 1976-
RR-023 Measurement of Ethane and Propane Recovery and Total Fraction Condensed for Simulated Natural Gas Mixtures, May 1977-
RR-024 Enthalpy and Phase Boundary Measurements on Mixtures of Nitrogen with Methane, Carbon Dioxide, and Hydrogen Sulfide, May 1977-
RR-025 Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium of the CH4-CO2 System at Low Temperatures, April 1977-
RR-026 Statistical Thermodynamics of Solutions in Natural Gas and Petroleum Refining, July 1977-
RR-027 Solubility of Hydrocarbons in Cryogenic LNG and NGL Mixtures, December 1977-
RR-028 Characterization of the Heptanes and Heavier Fractions for the GPA Peng-Robinson Programs, March 1978-
RR-029 Equilibrium Phase Compositions of Selected Aromatic and Naphthenic Binary Systems, March 1978-
RR-030 High Temperature V-L-E Measurements for Substitute Gas Components, February 1978-
RR-031 Equilibrium Phase Properties of a Synthetic Sour Gas Mixture and a Simulated Natural Gas Mixture, May 1978-
RR-032 Vapor-Liquid Compositions of Propane-Butane Mixtures in Cold Weather Field Tests, May 1978-
RR-033 Solubility of Hydrocarbons in Cryogenic LNG and NGL Mixtures, November 1978
RR-034 Sour Water Equilibria: Ammonia Volatility pH vs. Composition, November 1978-
RR-035 Computer Simulations of Vapor-Liquid Compositions of Propane-Butane Mixtures in Cold Weather Field Tests, March 1979-
RR-036 Literature Survey for Synthetic Gas Components - Thermodynamic Properties, October 1979-
RR-037 Enthalpy Measurements on Synthetic Gas Systems: Hydrogen-Methane, Hydrogen-Carbon Monoxide, August 1979-
RR-038 Preliminary Version of the PHC Equation of State Computerized for Engineering Calculations, May 1979-
RR-039 Equilibrium Phase Properties of Selected m-Xylene and Mesitylene Binary Systems: m-Xylene-Methane, m-Xylene-Carbon Dioxide, Mesitylene-Methane, May 1979-
RR-040 Measurement of Ethane and Propane Recovery & Total Fraction Condensed in the Bubble Point Region of 2 Simulated Natural Gas Mixtures (1980)-
RR-040A Phase Equilibria of a High Nitrogen Content Synthetic Natural Gas (1982)-
RR-041 Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Data on Water-Substitute Gas Components: N2-H2O, H2-H20, CO-H2O, H2-CO-H20, and H2S-H20, April 1980-
RR-042 Predicting Synthetic Gas and Natural Gas Thermodynamic Properties Using a Modified Soave Redlich Kwong Equation of State, August 1980-
RR-043 Equilibrium Phase Prop's of Selected m-Xylene and Mesitylene Binary Systems: m-Xylene-Hydrogen Sulfide, Mesitylene-Hydrogen Sulfide, Mesitylene-Carbon Dioxide, June 1980-
RR-044 Vapor-Liq and Liq-Liq Equil in the Methane-Toluene System and Relation of Liq-Liq Equil Behavior at Low Temperatures to Vapor-Liq Equil Behavior at High Temps and Elevated Pressures, Dec 1980-
RR-045 I. Water Content and Correlation of Methane in Equilibrium with Hydrates II. The Water Content of a High Carbon Dioxide Simulated Prudhoe Bay Gas In Equil with Hydrates, Dec. 1980-
RR-046 Vapor Liquid Equilibrium Study of the H2-CH4 System at Low Temperatures and Elevated Pressures, December 1980-
RR-047 Behavior of CH4-CO2-H2S Mixtures at Sub-Ambient Temperatures, January 1981-
RR-048 Vapor-Liquid and Liquid-Liquid Equilibria: Water-Methane, Water-Carbon Dioxide, Water-Hydrogen Sulfide, Water-nPentane, Water-Methane-nPentane, April 1982-
RR-049 Liquid-Liquid-Vapor Equilibria in Cryogenic LNG Mixtures, March 1981-
RR-049A Liquid-Liquid-Vapor Equilibria in Cryogenic LNG Mixtures, February 1982-

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