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Technical Publications

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TP-01 Liquid Densities of Ethane, Propane and Ethane-Propane Mixtures (February 1971)
TP-02 Liquid Densities of High-Ethane Raw Make Streams (February 1972)
TP-03 A Model for the Precise Calculation of Liquefied Natural Gas Densities (June 1973)
TP-04 Low-Temp Data From Rice University for Vapor-Liquid and P V T Behavior (April 1974)
TP-05 Relation of Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium Behavior at Low Temperatures to Vapor-Liquid Equilibria Behavior at High Temperatures and Elevated Pressures (August 1978)
TP-06 Experimentally Based Thermodynamic Properties of Propane (January 1982)
TP-07 Excess Enthalpy Experimental Data, Binary Systems: Water-Hydrogen, Water-Methane, Water Nitrogen, Water-Argon (June 1982)
TP-08 The Solubility of Carbon Dioxide in Propylene Carbonate at Elevated Pressures and Higher than Ambient Temperatures (July 1982)
TP-09 The Water Content and the Solubility of CO2 in Equilibrium with DEG-Water and TEG-Water Solutions at Feasible Absorption Conditions (December 1982)
TP-10 Hydrate Decomposition Conditions in the System Hydrogen Sulfide, Methane and Propane (December 1982)
TP-11 Vapor-Liquid Equilibria Study of Light Gases in Hydrogen-Coal Liquid Model Compound Systems (August 1983)
TP-12 Liquid Densities of Ethane Propane Mixtures (February 1985)
TP-13 Experimental Orifice Meter Studies (February 1985)
TP-14 Energy Functions for Gaseous CO2 & H2O Mixtures (May 1987)
TP-18 GPA Experimental Enthalpy Values Referred to Two Base Levels from Excess Enthalpy Data (October 1989)
TP-19 Vapor Solid Equilibrium Ratios for Structure I and Structure II Natural Gas Hydrates (December 1988)
TP-20 Effects of Ammonia on LP Gas Odorant (May 1996)
TP-21 Trace Contaminants in Natural Gas Liquids (July 1996)
TP-22 Convergence Pressure and Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Ratios (July 1999)
TP-24 Solubility and Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Data for Systems Containing Diamondoids, Gas Mixtures, Feed Stock Oil and Triethylene Glycol and Triethylene Glycol (December 1997)
TP-26 Mutual Solubility in Water/Methanol Hydrocarbon Solutions (May 2000)
TP-28 Water Content of the CO2-Rich Phase of Gaseous Mixtures Containing 10 and 20 Mole Percent CH4 in CO2 in Equilibrium with Water and/or Hydrate (March 2003)
TP-29 Hydrocarbon/Water & Hydrocarbon/Aqueous Amines Mutual Solutions (August 2003)
TP-30 Foaming in Glycol and Amine Systems (July 2007)
TP-31 GPA 2261 and GPA 2177 Methods Precision Statements Calculation (April 2014)
TP-32 Water Content in Gaseous and Liquid Carbon Dioxide and its Mixtures with Methane in Equilibrium with Hydrate (May 2019)
TP-33 Calculations of Precision Statement for GPA 2103, GPA 2186, GPA 2286, and GPA 2261 (with Portable GC) Methods (June 2021)
TP-34 Wet Gas Sampling Testing - Performance of Dry Gas Sampling Methods for Wet Gas Applications (March 2022)

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