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Manuals, Checklists and Miscellaneous Publications

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CCC-18Budget Estimate Capital Cost Curves for Gas Conditioning and Processing - Updated 2018
Superseded C ECGPPCheck Lists for Energy Conservation in Gas Processing Plants (Superseded by MFOG-20)-
TRL-20Facilities Design & Optimization Training Resources List
P FDRP-16Facilities Design Recommended Practices
FIIG-18Facilities Integrity Inspection Guidance
G GPTPEGuide for Performance Testing of Plant Equipment
GHTPP-20Guideline for Hydrostatic Test Plans and Procedures
GRUPEGuidelines for Reapplying Used Plants and Equipment
P LP/Odor.Pro.LP Gas Odorization Symposia Proceedings (2 Volumes)-
M OMMaintenance Practices by GPA Technical Section M
MMYGP-21Measuring Methanol in Y-Grade Product
MFOG-20Midstream Facilities Optimization Guideline
MEDMV-22Minimizing Emissions During Meter Verifications, Plate Inspections, and Sampling
ODCL-21Operations Daily Check List (Combined PDF)
PPDCKL-21Pipeline Project and Design Check List
POMATM-20Plant Operations Manual of Analysis and Test Methods
PPDCL-21Plant Project and Design Check List
P RIOReport of Investigation of Odorization of LP Gas, October 1991
RR-099 Water Content of CO2-Rich Fluids in Equilibrium with Liquid Water and/or Hydrates, Texas, June 1986
PSNGL&LRG15Sales of Natural Gas Liquids and Liquefied Refinery Gases (2015)
LDVS-21Simplistic Approach to Leak Detection and Valve Spacing for Liquid Pipelines
Superseded CDR Corrosion Detection Report (April 1998)-
SRPSR-20Survey of Recent Plant Spacing Recommendations
P OR/EVThe Gas Processing Industry: Origins & Evolutions (Cannon's Book)-

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