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87th Annual Convention Proceedings (2008)

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P2008.102010: A Midstream Odyssey...or Not
P200887th Annual Convention CD (2008)-
P2008.07A Comparison of Physical Solvents for Acid Gas Removal
P2008.14A Critical Look at TEG
P2008.01A New Shortcut / Graphical Method to Determine the Required MEG Injection Rate for Natural-Gas Hydrate Inhibition
P2008.30A Statistical Method for Gas Compressor Performance Analysis with Application to Staging Design and Selection
P2008.22A Survey of Contractor Safety Practices in the Gas Processing Industry
P2008.11Achieving Zero Gas Flaring at ONGC Uran
P2008.43ALPIS®: An Airborne Laser Technology for Gas Pipeline Leak Detection
P2008.45Catalytic Oxygen Removal for the Aberdeen Coal Mine Methane Project in Carbon County, Utah
P2008.46Claus Tail Gas Cleanup Can Now Be Better, Easier and Less Expensive to Meet Federal EPA Regulations
P2008.41Customizing Membrane System Solutions for Gas Separation Applications
P2008.02Determination of the Phase Envelope - Crucial for Process Design and Problem Solving
P2008.13Development and Industrial Validation of a New Hybrid Solvent for Improved Mercaptan Removal
P2008.34Diverse LNG Pricing Arrangements in the Major Gas-Consuming Markets
P2008.08Economic LPG Recovery from Stranded Low Pressure Gas
P2008.38Economic Optimization of Processing Facilities
P2008.18Ethane Demand vs. C3+ NGL Recovery Economic Model
P2008.44Evaluation of VOC Emission Controls for Oil and Gas Production Storage Tanks
P2008.20Gas Reserves in Venezuela
P2008.06Gas Treating Technologies: Which Ones Should be Used and Under What Conditions?
P2008.21Getting Production in Motion Using Flexpipe Line Pipe
P2008.35Global LNG Outlook and Impacts on the U.S. Gas Market
P2008.04Impact of Sulfur Solvent or Corrosion Inhibitor Solvent Injection on Treated Gas Hydrocarbon Dew Points and Gas Treating Unit Performance
P2008.37Industrial Design and Optimization of CO2 Capture, Dehydration and Compression Facilities
P2008.42Integration of Membranes into Natural Gas Process Schemes
P2008.12Integration of Power Plant and Process Models for the Simulation of Coal Fired Power Plant with Post Combustion CO2 Capture
P2008.33LNG Fractionation Process and Optimization of the Turboexpander Unit
P2008.15LNG Vaporization Turns Green
P2008.05Molecular Sieve Dehydration Operational Problems and Solutions
P2008.19Natural Gas for the Development of the Orinoco Oil Belt in Venezuela
P2008.03Nitrogen-Rejecting Membranes to Increase Gas Heating Value: A Simple Wellhead Approach
P2008.29Proactive Maintenance
P2008.09Recovery of Low Grade Heat at Enterprise's Hobbs Fractionator
P2008.24Renewable Fuels - Is Anyone Making Money? Or Has the Money Gone Mad?
P2008.32Small Scale LNG Facility Developments in China
P2008.39Stranded No More - Turning Sour Casinghead Gas into Profits Using Shell-Paques® Bio-Desulphurization
P2008.40Supersonic Gas Conditioning - Commercialisation of Twister Technology
P2008.16Technology Options for Securing Markets for Remote Gas
P2008.27The Canadian Diluent Dilemma
P2008.17The DAP and STREP Processes for Acid Gas Removal, Acid Gas Enrichment and Claus Tail Gas Treating
P2008.28The DNA of Safety
P2008.25U.S. Waterborne LPG Imports - When Will the Trickle Become a Flood?
P2008.26US Ethane Outlook: Part III - Will the Good Times Last for Ethane Extraction?
P2008.36Use of Multiphase Analysis to Enhance Production Operations in the Lobo Gas Gathering System
P2008.23What's Up in Washington DC?

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