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85th Annual Convention Proceedings (2006)

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P200685th Annual Convention CD (2006)-
P2006.15A New Integrated NGL Recovery / LNG Liquefaction Process
P2006.35Advanced Regulatory Control of a Dual-Train Cryo / Fractionator Plant
P2006.20An Analysis and Prediction of Hydrocarbon Dew Points and Liquids in Gas Transmission Lines
P2006.29Canadian Interest in C5+
P2006.24Changes to World LPG Trade Patterns
P2006.01Comparison of IGCC and Pulverized Coal Technologies
P2006.13COS Removal from Natural Gases by Absorption in Alkanolamine Solutions
P2006.21Developments in Mobile GTL
P2006.44Electrodialysis-Effective Amine Reclamation with Minimal Operational Impact
P2006.25Enhancing Organizational Functioning for Behavioral Reliability in Safety
P2006.07Evaluation of Hydrocarbon Dew Point Analyzers
P2006.09Flammability of Gas Mixtures
P2006.17H2S Bulk Removal with the SPREX Process First Operational Results
P2006.02Hydrogen: Myth or Messiah?
P2006.06Improving EIA's Natural Gas Shrinkage Estimates
P2006.37Improving the Business Performance of Mid-Stream Gathering and Processing Assets
P2006.41Industrial Applications of Fine Desulfurizers in Natural Gas Processing in China
P2006.40Innovative Gas-Liquid Separator Increases Gas Production in the North Sea
P2006.33Integrating Ambient Air Vaporization Technology with Waste Heat Recovery - A Fresh Approach to LNG Vaporization
P2006.12Mercaptan Removal from a Gas Stream Using Molecular Sieve and Selexol
P2006.16Midstream Outlook, Opportunities & Challenges
P2006.22New Challenges for UK Natural Gas
P2006.11NGL Recovery Plant: Treater Optimization for Water and Mercaptan Removal
P2006.28North America Ethylene Market - Impact of High Energy Price & Future Outlook for NGL Demand
P2006.36On-Line Process Optimization at the Western Gas Resources Granger Plant
P2006.39Only Raw Sour Gas Available for Engine Fuel? Proven Membrane Process Cleans Gas for Engines
P2006.46Optimizing BP's Crane Gathering and Processing System
P2006.31Optimum Choice of Fuel Gas Based LNG Vaporizers for LNG Re-gasification Terminals
P2006.30Outlook for Middle East Naptha and Condensate to 2010
P2006.32Performing Safety Modeling Analysis to Comply with LNG Faciltiy Siting Requirements
P2006.14Processing Low BTU Gas from the Permian Basin Yates Formation
P2006.05Processing MacKenzie Delta and Alaska Gas in Western Canada
P2006.04Propane Incident Data Collection Project (Phases III & IV)
P2006.08Proper Interpretation of Freezing and Hydrate Prediction Results from Process Simulation
P2006.18Recovering Natural Gas Liquids in Atlantic Canada's Offshore Petroleum Production Projects
P2006.10Retrofit for NGL Recovery Performance Using a Novel Stripping Gas Refrigeration Scheme
P2006.42Sour Gas Injection Design Extends the Envelope in Kazakhstan
P2006.27Status of the Railroad Commission of Texas Natural Gas Competition Study
P2006.38Steady-State Simulators are Developing a Dynamic Personality
P2006.45Supersonic Gas Conditioning - Introduction of the Low Pressure Drop Twister
P2006.43The Application of Advanced Process Control on Gas and NGL Plants
P2006.19The Impracticality of Requiring 99.95% Recovery Efficiency of Claus Sulfur Recovery Units
P2006.26The Keystone of Safety
P2006.03Troubleshooting Amine Plants
P2006.23Virtual Plant Approach to Design, Engineer and Procure Project Value Over the Life Cycle

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