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84th Annual Convention Proceedings (2005)

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P200584th Annual Convention CD (2005)-
P2005.25A Comparative Review of Non-associated Gaseous Hydrocarbons Licenses in Venezuela
P2005.45A Synopsis of Software Technologies Used in Today's Engineering Software
P2005.12Assessment of Hydrocarbon Dew Point Prediction Methods
P2005.29Attitude is Everything
P2005.24Camisea Gas Challenges: From the Rainforest to the World
P2005.55Case Study: Membrane CO2 Removal from Natural Gas, Grissik Gas Plant, Sumatra, Indonesia
P2005.48CO2 Separation Membranes, A Critical Part of the Mallet CO2 Removal Facility
P2005.51CrystaSulf - One Step H2S to Sulfur Conversion for High Pressure Natural Gas
P2005.10Determination of Physical Properties of Three Gulf of Mexico Hydrate Field Gas Mixtures by Measuring Sonic Velocities and Dew Points
P2005.23Development of a State-of-the-Art Plant Production Performance Model for Europe's Largest NGL Plant
P2005.52Filtration of the Linam Ranch / Eunice Treating Systems
P2005.21Finding New and Exploiting Old Supply Sources
P2005.53Fuel Considerations for Industrial Gas Turbines
P2005.22Gas Conditioning Utilizing the Vortisep Device - Application of a Novel Technology on an Industrial Scale
P2005.08Gas Processing & The Evolving Global Gas Value Chain
P2005.46Gas Processing Plant Automation A-Z
P2005.01Geopolitics and the Energy Future
P2005.35Guidelines for Process Equipment Degradation Monitoring and Documentation
P2005.16How to Avoid Excessive Mol Sieve Deactivation When Used for Mercaptan Removal
P2005.03Hydrocarbon Dew Point Gas Quality Issues
P2005.02Hydrocarbon Dew Point Processing Deep NGL Extraction and LNG Basics
P2005.54Hydrocarbon Removal from Amines - Demonstrated Experience
P2005.34Improving Reliability of Gas Handling and Processing Equipment through On-line, Real-Time Corrosion and Process Control Technology
P2005.04Interchangeability Issues
P2005.33Large-Scale Gas Monetization via New Methanol and DME Markets
P2005.38LNG FPSO: Turboexpander Process Economics Monetizing the "Gas Problem"
P2005.41LNG Terminals - Concepts for Increased Efficiency and Economic Enhancement
P2005.09LNG The Next "Wave" for NGL Supply
P2005.05LPG Recovery from LNG
P2005.13Measurement and Modeling of the Water Content of Natural Gas Mixtures
P2005.06Meeting World Gas Demands with Technology
P2005.27Methane Emissions and Reduction Opportunities in the Gas Processing Industry
P2005.20New Gas Frontiers - The Barnett Shale of North Texas
P2005.26New Ohanet Plant is Online in Algeria
P2005.18Norco Fractionation Plant Expansion
P2005.31North America Light Olefins: Buckle-up Those Chinstraps .. Looks Like We are Back in the Game!
P2005.40Offshore and Onshore LNG Terminals - Design and Economic Considerations
P2005.28OHSA's Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP)
P2005.36Optimization of Natural Gas Gathering Systems and Gas Plants
P2005.15Optimized Mercury Removal in Gas Plants
P2005.30Overview of MACT Standards for the Oil and Gas Industry
P2005.47Proper Pretreatment Systems Reduce Membrane Replacement Element Costs and Improve Reliability
P2005.19Retrofit of the Amerada Hess Sea Robin Plant for Very High Ethane Recover
P2005.39Selecting the Optimal Scheme for N2 Injection in an LNG Terminal
P2005.11Solid Solubilities and Liquid Densities of Naphthalene in Carbon Dioxide via a Vibrating Tube Densimeter
P2005.14Successful Revamp of MDEA Unit at Qatar Petroleum Increases Capacity
P2005.50SulfaTreat-DO: A Direct Oxidation Process for Sulfur Removal
P2005.17The Use of Silica Gel for Hydrocarbon & Water Dew Point Control at the TEPPCO Pioneer Gas Plant
P2005.37Trace Oxygen Measurement in Gas Gathering Systems
P2005.49Trimming Residue CO2 with Membrane Technology
P2005.43Unattended Remote Operation Facilitated by Plant Controls Upgrade with Advanced Regulatory Controls
P2005.32US Ethane Outlook: Implications for Processors and Ethylene Products
P2005.44Using Process Simulators Will Make Your Plant More Productive and Efficient
P2005.42Waste Heat Recovery Vaporizer Design for LNG Regasification Facility
P2005.07Why Training is a Waste of Time!

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