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83rd Annual Convention Proceedings (2004)

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P200483rd Annual Convention CD (2004)-
P2004.40A Critical Look at Amines: A Practical Review of Corrosion Experience Over Four Decades
P2004.43A New & Flexible LNG Regasification Plant
P2004.56A New Look at Amines: Extending the Gas Industry "Workhorse" to New Limits
P2004.24Acid Gas Water Dew Point, Hydrate & Physical Property Predictions
P2004.38Advances in Membrane Materials Provide New Solutions in the Gas Business
P2004.46Affordable Web-based Process Training to Improve Operator Effectiveness
P2004.37An Innovative & Cost Effective Approach for Energy Recovery for Gas Processing Plants
P2004.48Application of Multivariable Predictive Control on a Liquid Recovery Process
P2004.28Assessment of Natural Gas Interconnection between Columbia & Venezuela
P2004.19Balancing Natural Gas Policy - Fueling the Demands of a Growing Economy
P2004.52BCFD-Scale Membrane Separation Systems for CO2 Removal Applications in Oil and Gas Production
P2004.05Best Practice Transfer - A Performance Improvement Process
P2004.14Build Your Plant Faster & More Cost Effective Using Standardization and Today's Technologies
P2004.08Changing Global Trade Patterns
P2004.39CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery - Supply Options,Treatment Facilities and Effect on Existing Downstream Processing
P2004.41CO2 Removal from Natural Gas; Accelerated Process Selection
P2004.53Cryogenic Sour Gas Process Attractive for Acid Gas Injection Applications
P2004.31Driving Health and Safety Training into Effectiveness
P2004.57Economic & Performance Evaluation of Selective Catalytic Reduction for Natural Gas Reciprocating Engines
P2004.09Enthalpies of Formation of Gas Hydrates
P2004.29Equilibrium for Gas & Electricity Markets in Venezuela
P2004.06Finding the Fountain of Youth for a Mol Sieve Dehydration Unit
P2004.30Flare Emissions - Recent Regulatory Activity, and Review of Flare Destruction Efficiency
P2004.44Floating LNG Concepts
P2004.03Gas Processing & Gathering Economics - International Influences
P2004.04Gas Processing Projects in Southeast Asia & Bayu-Undan Lean Gas Recycle/Liquid Stripping
P2004.54Gas Treating Advances with a New Physical Solvent Process - First Commercial Plant Operating Experience at DEGT's Kwoen Plant
P2004.15Get Competitive Advantages for International Project Developments from Knowing the Scenario
P2004.11Hydrate Inhibition with Methanol - A Review & New Concerns Over Experimental Data Presentation
P2004.10Hydrate Plug Dissociation by Two-Sided Depressurization
P2004.21Hydrate Research Applications: From Apprehension to Avoidance to Hydrate Management
P2004.22Hydrocarbons & BTEX Pickup & Control from Amine Systems
P2004.17Improving Ethane Extraction at the PETRONAS Gas GPP-A Facilities in Malaysia
P2004.49Improving the Business Performance of DEFS's South Texas Assets Using Web-based Optimization Technology
P2004.01Introduction to the Gas Midstream Industry
P2004.50Karachaganak Phase 2 Project Development
P2004.33MACT Update
P2004.12Mercury Distribution on Gas Processing Plants
P2004.13Mercury, the Volatile Surprise in Gas Processing
P2004.02Midstream Economics and Contracts in an Evolving Market: Gas Processing Contracts - Before and After
P2004.20Natural Gas Infrastructure
P2004.35Natural Gas Pricing & Processing Margins: Spring/Summer 2004
P2004.36North American Petrochemicals - We Will Recover...But Can We Compete?
P2004.45On-line Engineering Drawing & Document Information System
P2004.32Onshore Gas Gathering
P2004.16Operation of High Pressure Cryogenic Demethanizer at El Paso Eunice Gas Plant
P2004.23Optimizing Methanol Usage for Hydrate Inhibition in a Gas Gathering System
P2004.25Qadirpur CO2 Removal Membrane Plant Expansion
P2004.18Retrofit of a NGL Process for High Propane & Ethane Recovery
P2004.51Supersonic Gas Conditioning - First Commercial Offshore Experience
P2004.26The Application of the FSRU for LNG Imports
P2004.55The Economics of Solvent Change Out in Gas Processing Plants
P2004.47Unlocking Valuable Facility Data
P2004.42Use of Turboexpanders in LNG Facilities
P2004.58Utilization of Turbine Waste Heat to Generate Electric Power at Neptune Plant
P2004.34Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin: Supply - Demand Outlook Update and NGL Implications
P2004.27Wet Gas Compression - A Solution for Marginal Gas Field Development
P2004.07When the Crystal Ball is Broken - Decision & Risk Analysis for Propane Supply

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