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82nd Annual Convention Proceedings (2003)

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P200382nd Annual Convention CD (2003)-
P2003.11A Comparison Between Commercially Available Sorbent Materials for Removal of COS from Propane
P2003.49A Review of the Basics for Superior Design
P2003.40A Salt Cavern Based LNG Receiving Terminal Using the Bishop Process
P2003.43Achieving Improved Economic Performance by Enhanced Utilization of the Existing Control System at the Duke Energy Field Service's West Beaumont Plant
P2003.07Acid Gas Removal Using Packed Columns
P2003.14Alaska Gas Plant Design - A Unique Challenge
P2003.53Amine Plant Corrosion Reduced by Removal of Bicine
P2003.45An Evaluation of Modern Technologies for Bulk CO2 & Organic Sulfur Removal
P2003.30Canadian Gas Liquids Markets Surplus or Deficit
P2003.37Changing Trade Patterns in the Global LNG Markets
P2003.41Cost-Effective Monitoring of Oil & Gas Assets with Wireless Monitoring Systems
P2003.26Current Environmental Issues Affecting the Gas Processing Industry
P2003.52Design and Operational Dynamics for Midstream Gas Gathering Companies
P2003.15Designing Gas Turbine Packages for Reduced Installation Time
P2003.50Duke Energy Field Services East Texas Gas Plant Optimizes Productivity through Implementation of Enhanced Separation and Filtration Technology
P2003.47Enhanced NGL Recovery Process Selected for Neptune Gas Plant Expansion
P2003.35Ethics in the Gas Processing Industry
P2003.03Experience Gained on Liquid Lines Applied to Gas Pipeline Integrity Management Programs
P2003.10Experimental Determination of the Solubility of Aromatic Compounds in Aqueous Solutions of Various Amines; Study of Several Physical Parameters
P2003.54Fundamentals of Turboexpander Performance
P2003.38Gas Conditioning for Imported LNG
P2003.01Gas Treatment, Liquefaction & Storage
P2003.28Global Climate Change: Implications & Strategies for the Gas Processing Industry
P2003.34Improving Plant Performance Pays Dividends
P2003.04In-Line Detection of Mechanical Damage in Transmission Pipelines
P2003.36Integrated Liquids Recovery Technology Improves LNG Production Efficiency
P2003.42Justifying Process Automation Upgrades for Older Facilities
P2003.32Low Cost, Low Maintenance Controls Enhance NGL Recovery
P2003.24Maintenance Management & Engineering (MME) Program at Petronas Gas Berhad (PGB), Malaysia: A Framework Towards World-Class Maintenance Performance
P2003.18Marketing and Trading in the Post-Enron Era
P2003.44Maximizing Returns on Supply & Trading Operations
P2003.09Methanol Solvent for RSH and COS Absorption From Natural Gas
P2003.33Minimizing Unaccounted-For Losses in a Gas Processing Complex
P2003.51Natural Gas Quality Determination & Its Impact on a Company's Bottom Line
P2003.29Olefins...What Will Tomorrow Bring?
P2003.39Optimized Treating Configurations for the Combined Removal of H2S, CO2 and Mercaptans from Natural Gas for LNG and GTL Applications
P2003.08Packed Amine Absorber Simulation Tracks Plant Performance
P2003.20Petrochemicals: Focus on the Basics
P2003.27Pipeline Safety Legislative & Regulatory Issues
P2003.12Pitfalls of CO2 Freezing Prediction
P2003.13Process Retrofits Maximize the Value of Existing NGL & LPG Recovery Plants
P2003.21Producers Marketing Post Merchants
P2003.19Propane Marketing & Risk Management - A Marketer's Perspective
P2003.16Qualitative Guidelines for the Design & Installation of Overhead Pressure Control Loops in Natural Gas Liquid Fractionation Towers
P2003.25Safety Performance Metrics as a Measure of Management System Effectiveness
P2003.23Separation Efficiency of the Troll Kollsnes Separators & the Improvement in their Performance
P2003.06The Impact of Alaskan Gas on the U.S. NGL Industry
P2003.02The Transportation of LNG by Sea
P2003.31The US Midstream Sector: "Meeting the Challenges in Turbulent Times"
P2003.48Turboexpander Technology Evolution and Application in Natural Gas Processing
P2003.22Twister Supersonic Gas Conditioning - Studies, Applications & Results
P2003.17Update of Budget Estimate Capital Cost Curves for NGL Extraction with Cryogenic Expansion
P2003.46Use of H2S Scavenger for Onshore Applications
P2003.05Will NGL Feedstocks Remain Cost Competitive for Gulf Coast Petrochemical Producers?

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