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81st Annual Convention Proceedings (2002)

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P200281st Annual Convention CD (2002)-
P2002.25Achieving an Equivalent Understanding of Pipeline integrity Through Direct Assessment & Data Integration
P2002.22Alternative Assessment Techniques for Pipeline Integrity Verification
P2002.45Alternatives to Optimize Gas Processing Operations
P2002.01Basics Class on Gas Conditioning / Session on Dehydration & Sweetening
P2002.17BP-Alaska Gas & NGLs
P2002.15Bridgeport Gas Gathering System, Processing Plant, and Residue Header Facilities
P2002.10Chevron USA Production Company Carter Creek Gas Plant Flexsorb Tail Gas Treating Unit
P2002.32Co-Producing LNG from Cryogenic NGL Recovery Plants
P2002.18CO2 Removal Processes for Alaska LNG
P2002.37Dynergy's Implementation of Gathering System Analysis in GIS (Geographic Information System)
P2002.33Effective LNG Production Offshore
P2002.44Efficient, High Recovery of Liquids from Natural Gas Utilizing a High Pressure Absorber
P2002.08Experimental Low Temperature Water Content in Gaseous Methane, Liquid Ethane, and Liquid Propane in Equilibrium with Hydrate
P2002.43Fundamentals Improve Recycle Selectox Plant Performance
P2002.03Fundamentals of Gas Processing Fractionation
P2002.02Gas Processing Basics
P2002.24Generating Electric Power From Compressor Station Residual Heat using ORC Technology
P2002.26Global LPG Markets in a World Turned Upside Down
P2002.47Innovative Molecular Gate Systems for Nitrogen Rejection, Carbon Dioxide Removal and NGL Recovery
P2002.28Karsto Expansion Project (KUP)
P2002.34Liquefaction Process Comparison of C3MR and DMR for Tropical Conditions
P2002.36LNG Import Terminals
P2002.29Major Deepwater Gas Developments in the Eastern Mediterranean
P2002.42Maximizing Molecular Sieve Performance in Natural Gas Processing
P2002.50Membrane Systems for Nitrogen Rejection
P2002.12Mercury Removal from Natural Gas and Liquid Streams
P2002.13Mercury Removal Technology and Its Application
P2002.05NGL Market Outlook-Will Electricity Pull the Plug on Ethane?
P2002.06Operating & Design Composition Checks for Thermodynamic Consistency
P2002.16Performance Raised to the Power of El Paso
P2002.46Practical Fractionator Solutions: Smaller Sigma and Larger Margins
P2002.39Process Optimisation & Use of PI to Maximise Value at STOS
P2002.35Production of LNG Using Dual Independent Expander Refrigeration Cycles
P2002.04Ramifications of High North American Natural Gas Prices
P2002.38Reducing Human Intervention in Gas Processing
P2002.14Removal of Carbon Dioxide from Liquid Ethane Using Membrane Technology
P2002.19Representation of the GPA Acid Gas-Amine Solubility Data Using the Li-Mather Electrolyte Model
P2002.48Selective H2S Removal Applications using Novel Contacting Technology
P2002.49Status of the First Commercial Applications of CrystaSulf: H2S Removal and Sulfur Recovery from Sour Gas in the Presence of Other Contaminants
P2002.23Testing of an In-Line Rotary Separator (Iris) at the Chevron F. Ramirez Gas Production Facility
P2002.09The Bridgeport Gas Plant - We need to Expand Now!
P2002.21The Need to Have Experimental Research Results Available for Challenging Gas Field Developments
P2002.07The Water Content of Acid Gas and Sour Gas from 100 degrees to 220 degrees and Pressures to 10,000 PSIA. Part 1 - Pure Components
P2002.27U.S. Ethylene Industry - On Injured Reserve - Or - Back In the Game?
P2002.11Unique Design Challenges in the Aux Sable NGL Recovery Plant
P2002.30Upstream Gas Licenses in Venezuela
P2002.20Use of GPA Data for the Design and Operation of LNG Plants
P2002.41Web Enabling Your Plant Knowledge - When, Where, Why, and How
P2002.40Web-Enabling Plant and Production Information
P2002.31Western Venezuela NGL Extraction Complex (CCO Project)

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