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80th Annual Convention Proceedings (2001)

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P200180th Annual Convention CD (2001)-
P2001.14A Look at Shared Practices for Measuring Gas Processing Facility Thermal and Volume Reduction
P2001.06A New Process for Converting Natural Gas Into Hydrocarbon Liquids
P2001.33Are We Reaching a Mature Age in Gas Technology?
P2001.31B2B E-Commerce and its Effect on World Energy Markets
P2001.01Basics Class on Gas Conditioning / Session on Dehydration & Sweetening
P2001.08Column Design Using Mass Transfer Rate Simulation
P2001.41Comparison of Technologies for Removing Sulfur Form High-Pressure Sour Natural Gas with Sulfur Throughputs Between 0.1 and 30 Long Tons/Day
P2001.16Cost-Effective Directed Inspection & Maintenance Best Management Practices at Natural Gas Processing Facilities
P2001.40Design, Testing and Application of a Standardized Centrifugal Compressor Product Line Equipped with Magnetic Bearings
P2001.36Developments in Gas/Liquid Separation Technology
P2001.32E-Commerce/Electronic Trading and How it Changed the Energy Industry
P2001.26Engineering Design Challenges for the Sakhalin LNG Project
P2001.11Evaluation of Carbon Steel Piping in Cold Temperature Relief Service
P2001.03Fundamentals of Gas Processing Fractionation
P2001.02Gas Processing Basics
P2001.34Highly Sour Gas Processing in an Ever-Greener World
P2001.24Hydrocarbon Dewpoint Determination of Lean Natural Gases
P2001.07Importance of Hydrate Phase Measurements in Flow Assurance and Energy Storage
P2001.29Marine Transportation of Compressed Natural Gas -- A Viable Export Alternative for Newfoundland Gas
P2001.21Natural Gas Supply & Demand Overview - eBusiness Within the NGL Industry
P2001.20North American Olefins...How Much is Enough?
P2001.15North Texas Area Safe Team Program
P2001.28Optimize the Power System of Baseload LNG Plant
P2001.05Phase Equilibria of the Systems Containing Water, Methanol and Hydrocarbons
P2001.35Pilot Operating Experience with a New Redox Process for the Direct High Pressure Removal of H2S
P2001.18Pipeline Issues in 2001 with a Focus on Pipeline Integrity
P2001.12Pitfalls of Predicting Glycol Dehydrator Emissions When Designing Thermal Oxidizers
P2001.27Plant Overhaul - Alliance Contract Strategy
P2001.19Processing Economics
P2001.09Proven Methods for Design and Operation of Gas Plant Liquid Slug Catching Equipment
P2001.23Pushing the Low Temperature Limits in NGL Plants
P2001.04Recent GPA Data Improves BTEX Predictions for Amine Sweetening Facilities
P2001.10Reducing Treating Requirements for Cryogenic NGL Recovery Plants
P2001.17Seminole Gas Processing Plant Integrated Waste Management
P2001.39The Use of Carbon Monoxide Emissions Measurement as a Surrogate for Formaldehyde Emissions Measurement
P2001.25Toward Zero Flaring - A Practical Approach to Cost Reduction and Environmental Benefit
P2001.22Turning Weather Into Money
P2001.37Twister Supersonic Gas Conditioning
P2001.38UltraLean TM Amine, Zero Residual Acid Gas Loading
P2001.13Unique NGL/NRU/HRU Plant Processes New Gas in Eastern Colorado

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