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78th Annual Convention Proceedings (1999)

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P1999.28A Comparative Study of Propane Recovery Processes
P1999.26A Texas Natural Gas Model
P1999.02An Electrolyte Model for Amine Based Gas Sweetening Process
P1999.23Analysis of Various Flow Schemes for Sweetening with Amines
P1999.24Applicability Issues and Compliance Strategies for the Proposed Oil and Gas Industry Hazardous Air Pollutant Standards
P1999.19Application of BTEX/Amine VLE Data at Hanlan Robb Gas Plant
P1999.18Applications and Benefits to the Gas Processing Industry of the GPA Research Program
P1999.22Asgard B Process Selection for Hydrogen Sulfide Removal and Disposal
P1999.11Brady Plant Treating Project
P1999.13Business Systems for Knowledge Management in the NGL Industry
P1999.03Calculation of Dehydration Absorbers Based on Improved Phase Equilibrium Data
P1999.32Canadian Offshore Oil Production Solution Gas Utilization Alternatives
P1999.34Conversion of Natural Gas Into Heavier Hydrocarbons: A Process Scheme Evaluation
P1999.38Cost Reduction Ideas for LNG Terminals
P1999.06Cryogenic Expander/Recompressor Control for Maximizing Liquids Production
P1999.20CrystaSulf SM Liquid Redox and TDA Gas Phase H2S Conversion Technologies for Sour Gas Treating
P1999.48Decreasing Contactor Temperature Could Increase Performance
P1999.42Design of the Williams Field Services Mobile Bay Ethane Recovery Plant
P1999.43Discovery Project - First of the New Louisiana Cryo Projects
P1999.07Expander-Compressor Anti-Surge Control Strategy Using Foxboro l/A System
P1999.44Expansion Fractionation Capacity of the LPG-ULE Plant
P1999.09Experiences with Combined Corrosion Effects on Stainless Steel Due to Chlorides and H2S
P1999.40Gas Pre-Treatment and their Impact on Liquefaction Processes
P1999.33Gas Purification in the Dense Phase at the CATS Terminal
P1999.01GPA/GPSA/OSU-Okmulgee Natural Gas Compression Technician Training Program
P1999.21GRI Field Testing of Direct-Injection H2S Scavenging
P1999.30High N2 Gas - Snap Shot of the Present / Requirements for the Future
P1999.17Impact of Thermophysical Properties Research on Acid Gas Injection Process Design
P1999.35Keeping Up The Pressure at Groningen Gas Field
P1999.47Linam Ranch Cryogenic Gas Plant, A Design and Operating Retrospective
P1999.36LNG Production for Peak Shaving Operations
P1999.49Managing Your Gas Processing Plant - Fundamentalist, Fashionable, Farsighted or Fantastic!
P1999.27Maximizing NGL Recovery by Refrigeration Optimization
P1999.08Modelling of Acid Gas Treating Using AGR Physical Solvent
P1999.41Modern Process Designs for Very High NGL Recovery
P1999.37New LNG Process Scheme
P1999.14NGL Markets in North America: 1999-2005 Competitive Threats and Opportunities
P1999.15North American Natural Gas Supply Dynamics: A Focus on U.S. Supply
P1999.10Pascagoula Plant Comes On-Line
P1999.45Retrofitting the Williams Energy Services Ignacio Plant for Higher Throughput and Recovery
P1999.05Selection of Hydrate Suppression Methods for Gas Streams
P1999.39Shipboard Regasification Terminal
P1999.16Simultaneous Removal of Water and BTEX from Feed Gas for a Cryogenic Plant
P1999.25The Creation of a National Pipeline Mapping System
P1999.31The HP/HT Nature of the Shearwater Development
P1999.29The Rush for Mid-Stream Assets Goes On
P1999.04Thermodynamic Model Effects on the Design and Optimization of Natural Gas Plants
P1999.12Tips and Traps for Reapplying Used Process Plants
P1999.46Turboexpanders with Dry Gas Seals and Active Magnetic Bearings in Hydrocarbon Processing

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