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77th Annual Convention Proceedings (1998)

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P1998.09A Cost Effective Method of Meeting Emission Requirements from a 50 MMscfd Glycol Dehydrator
P1998.40A Process for Plant Optimization
P1998.08A Risk Management Approach to Dealing with the Year 2000 Problem in Process Control and Safety Systems
P1998.38Adaptive Process Control in a Casinghead Plant
P1998.15Addition of Static Mixers Increases Treating Capacity in Central Texas Gas Plant
P1998.06Advanced Multivariable Control of a Turboexpander Plant
P1998.03Advancements in Treating Subquality Natural Gas Using N-Formyl Morpholine
P1998.41Amoco Hugoton Jayhawk Gas Processing Plant
P1998.16Capacity Expansion Options for NGL Fractionation
P1998.28Compact Design Improves Efficiency and CAPEX-Combining Plate Heat Exchangers and Gas-Liquid Separators for Gas Processing Savings
P1998.05Designing an Optimized Injection Strategy for Acid Gas Disposal Without Dehydration
P1998.14Designing On-Line Chromatograph Systems for Liquid Fractionation Facilities
P1998.33Development of Mid-Scale and Floating LNG Facilities
P1998.31Disposal of Acid Gases with Oilfield Produced Water
P1998.39Electrical Cost Reduction Techniques at Gas Processing Plants
P1998.29Gas Treating Alternatives for LNG
P1998.37High Efficiency Trays and Process Heat Integration Have Significantly Improved NGL Fractionation Plant Capacity and Efficiency
P1998.13High Propane Recovery Process, Delpro™ Saves Energy
P1998.42Leveling the Playing Field: a New Method for Measuring Operational Cost Efficiency in Gas Processing and Field Operations
P1998.32Liquefaction Through Expander for Base Load LNG
P1998.23Louisiana NGL, A New Era
P1998.34Major Expansion at Karsto Gas Plant: Utilization of Synergies and Optimal Integration
P1998.17Managing Environmental Information
P1998.07Multivariable Control of Texaco's Eunice South Gas Plant
P1998.18Natural Gas Gathering and Transportation Issues 1998 Texas Perspective
P1998.12Next Generation Processes for NGL/LPG Recovery
P1998.21North American NGL Exciting Times are Just Ahead
P1998.20Partnership Connects North America NGL Markets
P1998.02Phase Behavior and Splitting Analysis: An Operational Tool in Gas Transmission and Distribution
P1998.01Predicting CO2 Hydrate Forming Conditions in the Presence of Inhibitors and Electrolytes
P1998.04Reduce Emissions and Operating Costs with Appropriate Glycol Selection
P1998.30Removal of Trace Mercury Contaminants from Gas and Liquid Streams in the LNG and Gas Processing Industry
P1998.24Replacement of Glycol Dehydration with IFPEXOL Technology - Design Concept and Operating Experience
P1998.19RMP - Effects on Gas Processors
P1998.10Successful Application of Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal Pumps in Lean Amine Service
P1998.22Technology Enabled Evolutions in Liquids Marketing
P1998.36The Benefits of Dynamic Simulation to the Mensa Development Project
P1998.27Underground Caverns for Hydrocarbon Storage
P1998.11Upgrading Straight Refrigeration Plants for NGL Enhancement: A Follow-Up
P1998.35Use of Ryan Holmes Technology for CO2 and NGL Recovery
P1998.25Venezuela Natural Gas for Vehicles Project
P1998.26Wellhead to Wire Utilization of Remote Gas Resources

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