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76th Annual Convention Proceedings (1997)

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P1997.05A Mixed Integer Nonlinear Optimization Strategy for Natural Gas Plants
P1997.33A New Solution to Sour Gas Wells
P1997.04A Simple Correlation to Predict the Hydrate Quadruple Point Temperature for LPG Mixtures
P1997.27Acid Gas Disposal - A Field Perspective
P1997.11Actual Operating Experience with a New NRU Unit
P1997.29Amoco Is Using Reliability Centered Maintenance to Improve Gas Processing Plant Rotating Equipment Operations
P1997.08Anatomy of the Chaco Cryogenic Project
P1997.18Application of Federal Depreciation Class Lives to Natural Gas Processors' Gathering Assets
P1997.19Clean Air Act Reform: Opportunities and Developments
P1997.10Continuous Improvement in Nitrogen Rejection Unit Design
P1997.24De-Bottlenecking of the Auger Facility
P1997.35Deepwater Gas Processing Challenges
P1997.22Demand for NGL as Olefin Plant Feedstock
P1997.31Evaluation of Selected Emerging Offshore Sulfur Recovery Processes
P1997.34Formation and Removal of Hydrate Plugs - Field Trial at Tommeliten
P1997.16Gas Gathering & Transportation Issues in Texas
P1997.06GPA Homepage - Present and Future
P1997.21Handling the By-Products of Gas Processing
P1997.01High Pressure Dewpoints, Bubblepoints, and Wax Appearance Temperatures in Reservoir Model Fluids
P1997.38Hindered Amine Development and Operating Experience at Quirk Creek Gas Plant
P1997.14Improved Absorber-Stripper Technology for Gas Sweetening to Ultra Low H2S Concentrations
P1997.30Improving Sulfur Recovery at GPM's Goldsmith Gas Plant
P1997.36Increasing Liquid Hydrocarbon Recovery from Natural Gas: Evaluation of the Vortex - Tube Device
P1997.13Managing Your Engineering Consultants: Steps for Simultaneously Improving Operations, Project Implementation, and Your Bottom Line
P1997.23Marketing Propane to Enhance Gas Plant Netback
P1997.37Methanol Simplifies Gas Processing
P1997.26NGL Recovery Increase Through Natural Gasoline Recirculation
P1997.03Partition Coefficients at Infinite Dilution for Different Sulfur Compounds in Various Solvents
P1997.15Planning for High Performance Project Teams
P1997.12Pneumatic Instrument Gas Bleed Reduction Strategy and Practical Application
P1997.20Recent Natural Gas Mergers/Alliances and Their Impact on Processing
P1997.28Removal and Disposal of BTEX Components from Amine Plant Acid Gas Streams
P1997.25Tarim Tazhong IV - Remote Control in a Severe Environment Made Possible Through Automation
P1997.39The Conversion of Natural Gas To Liquid Fuels Using the Sasol Slurry Phase Distillate Process
P1997.02The Direct Solubility of Large Amounts of Light Gas Constituents in Water at and Near Hydrate Conditions
P1997.17The EPA Risk Management Program (RMP) Rule and the Gas Processing Industry
P1997.32The Importance of Accurate Experimental Data To Marginal Field Development
P1997.07The Use of Hand Held Bar Codes Readers and Personal Computers to Improve Plant Maintenance
P1997.09Upgrading Straight Refrigeration Plants for NGL Enhancement

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