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94th Annual Convention Proceedings (2015)

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P201594th Annual Convention USB Flashdrive (2015)-
P2015.50Ammonium Salt Precipitation in Sulfur Condensers
P2015.07An Integrated Pipeline Monitoring System Utilizing Unmanned Aerial Systems an Data Analytics
P2015.06An Integrated Pipeline Monitoring System Utilizing Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Data Analytics (PowerPoint)
P2015.35Benchmarking Shale Gas Monetization Options
P2015.23Condensate, Ethane and LPG Exports "Markets, Markets - Where Are The Markets?"
P2015.29Coping With Rejection - DCP Midstream's Operator Decision Support System
P2015.15Corrosion In Acid Gas Injection Systems - Project 101
P2015.08Design of Gas Handling Facilities for Shale Oil Production
P2015.41Development and Optimization of a Standard Cryogenic NGL Recovery Plant
P2015.21Dew Point Correction Process Optimizations (PowerPoint)
P2015.46EDF Methane Measurement Studies
P2015.24Ethane Outlook, Infastructure Development and Transportation Bottlenecks
P2015.16Experimental Determination of The Solid-Liquid-Vapor Locus For The CH4-CO2-H2S System and Application To The Design Of A New Low-Temp Distillation Process For The Purification of Natural Gas
P2015.04Field Repair of Brazed Aluminum Plate-Fin Heat Exchangers
P2015.03Finger Type Slug Catcher (HARP) Analysis Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
P2015.40First Application of New Gas Plant Technology
P2015.49Gas Impurities and Risk Screening in Early Stage of Sour Gas Development: Safety and Environment Concern
P2015.22Getting More Value From Mid-Stream Field Condensates
P2015.25Global Petrochemical Markets Outlook NA Ethylene Development
P2015.01GPA Overview & Orientation Breakfast
P2015.42Green Shoots: Can Emerging Plays Compete for Capital?
P2015.36High Liquefaction Pressure Effects On The C3MR Process Design
P2015.37High Liquefaction Pressure Effects On The C3MR Process Design (PowerPoint)
P2015.30How Midstream Operators Can Change The Safety-Productivity Dynamic And Unlock Operational Excellence
P2015.31How Midstream Operators Can Change The Safety-Productivity Dynamic and Unlock Operational Excellence (PowerPoint)
P2015.18IFPEX-1: A Process Well Suited To Shale Gas Projects
P2015.10Innovative Mixed Refrigerant Process for Ethane Storage and Export
P2015.39Line Pressure Surveillance of A LP Midstream Gas Gathering System
P2015.44LPG After The Crash: Shifting Propane and Butane Markets
P2015.28Maximizing Hydrocarbon Liquids Recovery While Recovering High Purity CO2: New Operation Mantra For Membrane Based CO2 Removal Facilities
P2015.12Maximizing The Gas Processing Market By Combining NGL Recovery with LNG (PowerPoint)
P2015.11Maximizing The Gas Processing Market By Combining NGL Recovery With LNG Production
P2015.45Measurements of Methane Emissions at Natural Gas Production Sites in the United States
P2015.51MEG Regeneration and Reclamation Units: Lessons Learned From Their Design and Operation
P2015.48Methane Emissions from Transmission & Storage Compressor Stations
P2015.47Methane Emissions from U.S. Natural Gas Gathering and Processing
P2015.26NGL Supply and Demand Outlook in North America/ US Midstream at Another Crossroads
P2015.34Optimally Using Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)
P2015.02Optimization of Lifetime Expectance of Brazed Aluminum Plate-Fin Heat Exchangers
P2015.20Process Optimization
P2015.52Processing of Carbon Dioxide Rich Gas
P2015.27Shedgum Gas Plant Flaring Mitigation Program
P2015.17Simulating CO2 Recovery from Natural Gas: New Data and Improved Models For Methane + Carbon Dioxide + Methanol
P2015.19Successful Mitigation of Oxygen and Higher Hydrocarbon Presence In Treating Pipeline Natural Gas For North American LNG Projects
P2015.38The Current Status of US Exportation of LNG
P2015.09The Eagle Ford Condensate Trash Can
P2015.05The Office of Infrastructure Protection - Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS)
P2015.13Thermochemical Data For Carbonyl Sulfide Corrections and Implications
P2015.43US Ethane Exports & Low Oil Prices: Can They Co-Exist?
P2015.32Using Procedural Automation to Improve Safety and Operational Efficiency
P2015.33Using Procedural Automation to Improve Safety and Operational Efficiency (PowerPoint)
P2015.14Water Content of Natural Gas Systems in Equilibrium with an Aqueous or a Hydrate Phase - Experimental Measurements and Molecular Modeling

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