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Research Reports 200-244

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RR-200 Water Content of High Pressure, High Temperature Methane, Ethane and Methane + CO2, Ethane + CO2, March 2008-
RR-201 Oxygen Removal in Natural Gas Systems, February 2010-
RR-202 Vapour-Liquid Equilibrium, Interfacial Tension and Transport Properties of Aqueous Solutions of Ethylene Glycol, in the presence of Methane, Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen Sulfide, September 2009-
RR-203 High Pressure Demethanizer Physical Properties, September 2010-
RR-204 Impact of Sulfur Species on Glycol Dehydration (GPA 992-3): Solubility Study of Certain Sulfur Species in Glycol Aqueous Solutions, January 2008-
RR-205 Hydrates in High Inhibitor Concentration Systems, November 2010-
RR-206 Hydrocarbon Solubility in Glycol and Amine Solutions, May 2012-
RR-207 Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Studies of Organic Sulfur Species in MDEA, DEA Aqueous Solutions, April 2011-
RR-208 Methanol Solubility in Natural Gas, July 2011-
RR-209 Solubility of H2S and CO2 in EG and TEG, July 2012-
RR-210 Acid Gas Water Content, An Update of Engineering Databook I, June 2012-
RR-211 Equilibrium Water Content in Natural Gas with Hydrates or MEG Solutions, March 2011-
RR-212 Glycol Systems with Impurities, September 2011-
RR-213 Practical Hydrocarbon Dew Point Specification For Natural Gas Transmission Line, March 2011-
RR-214 Solubility of Non-Aromatic Hydrocarbons in TEG Solutions, December 2011-
RR-215 Equilibrium Data (SLE and VLE) for Heavy and Light Hydrocarbons at Cryogenic Temperatures, June 2014-
RR-216 Hydrates in High Inhibitor Concentration Systems, June 2012-
RR-217 GPA Technical Data Development Committee Support for GPSA Data Book 13th Edition, June 2012-
RR-218 Loaded Amine Transport Properties, March 2013-
RR-219 Methanol Distribution (as a contaminant) in Fractionation Products and Freeze Out Boundaries, March 2013-
RR-220 Solubility of Heavy Hydrocarbons in Loaded Amine Solutions, March 2014-
RR-221 Distribution of Sulfur Species in 3-Phase Separators, March 2014-
RR-222 Corrosion in Acid Gas Injection Systems, June 2014-
RR-223 Freeze Valve Water Content in LPG Systems, June 2014-
RR-224.1 Elemental Mercury Equilibrium in Selected Saturated Hydrocarbons, REV. Sept. 2018-
RR-225 Solubility of Hydrocarbons in Aqueous Piperazine and Aqueous Piperazine/MDEA Systems and Associated Properties, October 2015-
RR-226 Solubility of Amines and TEG In Dense Phase Gases, April 2016-
RR-227 Organic Sulfur Species Distribution In Glycols and Amines, December 2015-
RR-228 Sulfur Species Distribution in Separators and Fractionators, September 2015-
RR-229 Impacts of Inhibitors on Hydrates, January 2016-
RR-230 Impact of Aromatics on Acid Gas Injection, May 2016-
RR-231 Propane-Water-Methanol Mutual Solubilities & Freeze Protection, October 2016-
RR-232 State-of-the-Art Review of Mercaptan Removal Technologies, October 2016-
RR-233 Measurements of Densities, Viscosities, Thermal Conductivities, Enthalpies and Hydrate Melt Temperatures for Four Acid Gas Blends, June 2017-
RR-234 State of Art Survey for Heavy Hydrocarbon Removal and Disposition Associated with LNG Production Facilities, July 2017-
RR-235 Distribution of Methanol in Amine Treating Systems, July 2017-
RR-236 Acid Gas Transport Properties Near Critical Phase Envelope, Sept. 2017-
RR-237 Effect of Gas Gravity, H2S, and Salinity on the Water Content in Natural Gas: Part I, Effect of Gas Gravity, Sept. 2017-
RR-238 Extended Mercaptan VLE in Loaded Amines - Part I, December 2018-
RR-239 Extended Mercaptan VLE in Loaded Amines - Part II, December 2018-
RR-240 CO2 Freezing in Cryogenic Processes, December 2018-
RR-241 A Physics-of-Failure Approach to Life-Prediction, Fatigue Study and Failure Prevention in Brazed-Aluminum Based Heat Exchangers, December 2019-
RR-242 Solubility of Hydrocarbons in Amine Treating Solutions, December 2019-
RR-243 Solubility of Heavy Hydrocarbons in Cryogenic Fluids, December 2019-
RR-244 High Pressure Hydrocarbon Mixtures Thermophysical Properties Data, April 2020-

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