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75th Annual Convention Proceedings (1996)

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P1996.13Accurate Prediction of Physical Properties for Acid Gas Treating
P1996.14Acid Gas Absorption in Aqueous Solutions of Mixed Amines
P1996.16Activated Carbon Cleanup of the Acid Gas Feed to Claus Sulfur Plants
P1996.31Advantages of Brazed Heat Exchangers in the Gas Processing Industry
P1996.25Application of the Federal Petroleum Excise Tax to Gas Processors: Enron Gas Processing Co. vs. USA
P1996.43Availability of Canadian Imports to Meet U.S. Demand for Ethane, Propane and Butane
P1996.29Best Available Practices for LNG Fueling of Fleet Vehicles
P1996.38By-pass Pigs for Two-phase Flow Pipelines
P1996.42Causes and Remedies for Mercury Exposure to Aluminum Coldboxes
P1996.11Converting to Mixed Amines on the Fly
P1996.23Developing Effective Strategies for Complying with the Oil & Gas Mact
P1996.10Distillation of Natural Gas Liquids
P1996.19Economical Utilization of Natural Gas to Produce Synthetic Petroleum Liquids
P1996.22Environmental Aspects of the TROLL Terminal Design
P1996.33Gas Plant Economic Optimization is More than Meeting Product Specification
P1996.45Gas Production, Demand and Processing--a Satellite View
P1996.21Gas Reception Uses Modern Solvents to Reduce Emissions
P1996.44Growth Potential in Gas Plant Ethane Production and the Impact on Propane Import Trends
P1996.36Improvements in Nitrogen Technology Prove Economical for Natural Gas Streams
P1996.30Improving Throughput and Ethane Recovery at GPM's Goldsmith Gas Plant
P1996.20Lamarliquido Plant Modernization
P1996.28Lessons from the Clean Fleet Federal Express Alternative (Fuel Demonstration Project)
P1996.35Making Choices - a Look at Traditional and Alternative Glycol Pump Technology
P1996.34Managing Plant Inlet Liquid Slugs
P1996.27Marketing NGLs Electronically
P1996.15Mass-Transfer Rate-Based Simulation of Amine Treating-Applying GRI/GPA Research Results to Plant Operations
P1996.17Mercury Removal System at Santa Barbara Extraction Plant
P1996.37Minimizing Liquid Contaminants in Natural Gas Liquids
P1996.12Modeling CO2 and H2S Solubility in MDEA and DEA: Design Implications
P1996.02Modeling of Liquid Hydrocarbon Sweetening with Amine Solutions
P1996.04Modeling of Structure H Hydrate Equilibria for Methane, Intermediate Hydrocarbon Molecules and Water Systems
P1996.08Natural Gas Plant Advanced Control and Optimization
P1996.07Naturally Occurring Arsenic and Mercury
P1996.41New Treating Processes for Sulfur-Containing Natural Gases
P1996.09Non-Cryogenic Nitrogen Rejection from Natural Gas
P1996.32Operational Performance Comparisons in the Gas Processing Industry
P1996.18Opportunities for Improvements in Offshore Gas Processing
P1996.24PERC: The Propane Check-off
P1996.39Selection of an Acid-Gas Removal Process for an LNG Plant
P1996.03Structure H Hydrates: the State-of-the-Art
P1996.01Sulfur Crystallization in Gas Lift Systems
P1996.40The Development of Enron's Teesside Gas Processing Facilities
P1996.05The Use of the Internet as an Engineering Resource
P1996.46U.S. NGL Supply in the Changing Environment
P1996.06Update on Sulfur Compound Distribution in NGL: Plant Test Data
P1996.26Update on the Compliance Assurance Monitoring Rule Development

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