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91st Annual Convention Proceedings (2012)

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P201291st Annual Convention CD (2012)-
P2012.11Acid Gas Dehydration: Why? How Much? Is There a Better Way?
P2012.21Advanced Cooling Technology for Total Heat Removal from Base Load LNG and Natural Gas Liquids Fractionation Plants
P2012.18Application of the Safety Life Cycle for Gas Plant Process
P2012.09BTEX Emissions From Ethylene Glycol Circulation in Natural Gas Refrigeration Plants: A Process Simulation Study
P2012.06Comparative H2S Economics for Shale Gas
P2012.13Controlled Freeze Zone™ Commercial Demonstration Plant Advances Technology for the Commercialization of North American Sour Gas Resources
P2012.16Creative Debottlenecking Project
P2012.17Creative Debottlenecking Project - PowerPoint
P2012.20Design Approaches to Enhance LNG Production
P2012.27Eagle Ford Shale - Where Are All Those Liquids Gonna Go?
P2012.05Frack to the Future: The Influence of Shale Development on the Petrochemical Industry
P2012.28Gas-to-Liquids: Now a Viable Alternative Gas Processing Strategy
P2012.04How Do Published Standards/Regulations for Alarm and Control Room Management Impact the Gas Processing, Storage, and Transportation Industry?
P2012.01How Do You Assure an Operations and Maintenance Workforce is Being Developed?
P2012.12IPOR for NGL Recovery in the Marcellus Shale
P2012.15North American Natural Gas Challenges and Opportunities
P2012.14Outlook for US Ethane: "Always Climbing a Wall of Worry"
P2012.10Preparing Solubility Data for Use by the Gas Processing Industry: Updating Key Resources
P2012.25Shale Gas - How Do We Protect It's Future?
P2012.08Solubility Measurements of Solid N-Hexane in Liquid Methane at Cryogenic Temperature
P2012.22Technological Developments in Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Methods as They Apply to Oil & Gas Midstream Operations
P2012.23Technological Developments in Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Methods as they apply to Oil & Gas Midstream Operations - PowerPoint
P2012.26The Role of Regulation in Oil and Gas Pipeline Development
P2012.02Troubleshooting CO2 Issues Using a Simulator: A Case Study
P2012.03Troubleshooting CO2 Issues Using a Simulator: A Case Study - Power Point
P2012.07Turbo Expander Design Considerations for Cryogenic Natural Gas Plants Without Molecular Sieve Application for Dehydration
P2012.19Use of Catalytic De-Richment to Maximise Shale Gas Production
P2012.24Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Analyzer for Detecting Cooling Tower/Heat Exchanger Leaks

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