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74th Annual Convention Proceedings (1995)

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P1995.01A Compact Model for Hydrate Formation
P1995.12A Survey of Trace Contaminants in Natural Gas Liquids
P1995.15Amine and Sulfinol Treating System Optimization
P1995.34An Overview of Volumetric Production Payments
P1995.25Assessing the Value of NGL in Natural Gas
P1995.28Compliance Sampling for BTEX Emissions from Glycol Systems
P1995.33Deregulating Electric Utilities; a Gas Processing Opportunity?
P1995.38Design and Optimization of Integrated Gas/Condensate Plants
P1995.17Design Considerations for Sweetening LPG's with Amines
P1995.05Economic On-line Optimization for Liquids Extraction and Treating in Gas Processing Plants
P1995.31Evaluation of An On-Line Analyzer for H2S and CO2 Loadings in Amine Solutions
P1995.40Field Analysis of Trace Sulfur Compounds in Hydrocarbon Gas Streams
P1995.03Gas Hydrate Computations - Incipient Formation Conditions in Systems Containing Mixed Inhibitors
P1995.16GRI Program in Sulfur Removal and Recovery from Natural Gas - 1995 Update
P1995.09GRI Research Program in H2S Scavenging--1995 Update
P1995.29GRI's R&D Program on Natural Gas Dehydration
P1995.13GRI/GPA Research Program in the Physical Properties of Acid Gases and Aqueous Alkanolamine Mixtures
P1995.20LNG Plant Design in the 1990's
P1995.26Managing Gas Plant Margins Through the Financial Commodities Markets
P1995.11Measurement of Mercury in Natural Gas Streams
P1995.41Multipath Ultrasonic Flow Meters for Gas Measurement
P1995.22New Air Regulatory Requirements for Gas Processing Facilities
P1995.42New Applications for Coriolis Flow and Density Measurement in the Natural Gas Industry
P1995.04New Data and Correlations for the Custody Transfer of Natural Gas Liquids
P1995.43New Electrostatic Technology Improves Water Separation from Emulsions
P1995.07Nitrogen Rejection with Pressure Swing Adsorption
P1995.24Potential High Regulatory Impact to Gas Industry Arises from EPA's Erroneous Approach in Estimating Industry's Toxic Emissions - Preliminary Assessment
P1995.18Reserves of Valuable Components of Natural Gas in Russia and Their Complex Development
P1995.37Salt Creek C02 Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Project
P1995.06SeleXpert™: H2S Scavenger Module PC-Based Program Simplifies Screening of H2S Scavenger Technologies
P1995.35Sensitivity and Optimization Analyses of the "ACOGAS" Gas Conditioning Plant
P1995.14Sulfur Emissions Identification and Handling for Today's SRU/TGU Facilities
P1995.23Superfund Reform 1995: Principles for a New Superfund Program
P1995.36Supplying LNG Markets Using Nitrogen Rejection Units at Exxon Shute Creek Facility
P1995.19The Development of International Gas Markets
P1995.08The Expanding Role for Control Systems in Today's Gas Processing Industry
P1995.10The On-line Removal of Non-Regenerable Salts from Amine Solutions Using the UCARSEP® Process
P1995.21The Use of Fixed Bed Absorbents for Flexible Operation on the Sage Gas Processing Plant
P1995.44The Venezuelan Gas Industry - Venezuela and other South American Countries: Impact on Imports into the U.S.
P1995.02Thermodynamic Behavior of Hydrogen/Natural Gas Mixtures
P1995.45U.S. Gas Conditioning and Processing Plant Survey Results
P1995.32Value Creation
P1995.30Wellsite BTEX Control with Simple, Efficient Combustion Systems
P1995.39What's New in Multivariable Predictive Control
P1995.27World Ethylene Demand - Impact on U.S. Feedstocks

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