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88th Annual Convention Proceedings (2009)

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P2009.2381st Texas Legislature Status of the Gas Service Division Railroad Commission of Texas
P200988th Annual Convention CD (2009)-
P2009.20A Success Story: Extending Molecular Sieve Life by Double
P2009.48Advanced Leak Detection and Measurement Technologies
P2009.56Advances in Renewable Energy
P2009.34Asset Optimization - Getting the Most From Your Production Facilities - The BP Trinidad Field Optimizer Case
P2009.42Best Practices for the Design, Operation and Maintenance of Natural Gas Compression
P2009.33Best Simulation Practices for LNG Terminals
P2009.17Budget Estimate Capital Cost Curves for Gas Conditioning and Processing - Updated
P2009.01China - Threat or Opportunity?
P2009.53Contaminant Removal from Natural Gas Using Dual Hollow Fiber Membrane Contactors
P2009.55Continuous Measurement of Rich and Lean Loading for Improved Amine Plant Operation
P2009.28Design, Fabrication and Startup of an Offshore Membrane CO2 Removal System
P2009.05DHS Pipeline Security Initiatives
P2009.08Evaluating, Customizing and Improving DCP Midstream's Public Awareness Program
P2009.09Experimental Measurements and Thermodynamic Modeling (Using A group Contribution Associating Equation of State) of Hydrocarbon + Amine + Water System
P2009.36Floating LNG Plants - Scale-up of Familiar Technology
P2009.41Gas and Liquid Measurement Over the Last 20 Years
P2009.12Generalized Graphical Method to Determine the Required MEG and Methanol Injection Rate for Natural-Gas Hydrate Inhibition
P2009.06GPA Convention Pipeline Safety Forum - Control Room Management
P2009.24Greenhouse Gas Regulatory Issues Related to Operations
P2009.16How To Treat Refinery Gases and Make Them Suitable to Recover Valuable Liquids
P2009.45Hunting for Fugitive Emissions - Optical Infrared Leak Detection and Measurement
P2009.52Hydrate Separation - A New Technology for Removing Nitrogen from Natural Gas
P2009.22Importance of Processing Plant Information
P2009.49Improved Production Efficiency and Water Conservation Using Closed-Loop, Evaporative Cooling Systems
P2009.07In-Line Inspection: An Integral Part of Integrity Management
P2009.03Installation and Operation of Turboexpanders for Improved Reliability
P2009.35Integrating GIS With Pipeline Simulation Software
P2009.50Lean Burn Engine Technologies Meet Gas Compression Emissions Challenge
P2009.21Legislative, Regulatory & Safety Issues Forum - Washington, DC Update of Legislative and Federal Regulatory Policy
P2009.39Liquid Expanders Based on the Radial Inflow Turbine Technology
P2009.38LNG Conceptual Design Strategies
P2009.19Low CO2 Slip at a Northern Alberta Gas Sweetening Plant Using MDEA
P2009.30Marrying Two Facilities Engineering Cultures
P2009.10Modeling Direct Injection Of H2S Scavenger in Pipelines: Laboratory Investigations and Improved Computer Model
P2009.25NGL Infrastructure: Will We Hit the Wall in 2008? 2010? 2012? Never?
P2009.27Nitrogen Removal from Natural Gas with the Molecular Gate™ Adsorption Process
P2009.02Occidental of Elk Hills Reliability Program Tracking Systems
P2009.18PEMEX Burgos Gas Processing Complex Operating and Design Recommendations
P2009.11Prediction of BTEX Emissions and Water Content in TEG Dehydration Units
P2009.51Processing Technologies for CO2 Rich Gas
P2009.40Producing High Purity LNG for UK Markets
P2009.26Shifting Sands: The Canadian Industry in Transition
P2009.37Simple and Versatile Methods for Modeling LNG-Related Systems
P2009.44Static Electricity in the Propane Industry
P2009.54Strategic Technology Options for Recovery and Monetization of Flared Associated Gas
P2009.31Sulfinol-X1 - Leveraging the Advantages of Well-Proven and Established Technologies in a Single Acid Gas Removal Process
P2009.29The Challenges of Establishing and Managing an Office in Angola
P2009.14The New Data Bank - Fifth Edition: Providing Electronic Access to all GPA Experimental Thermophysical Property Data
P2009.15Tray Hydraulic Operating Regimes and Selectivity
P2009.47Use of Modeling to Optimize Severe Duty Natural Gas Dehydrators
P2009.13Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium and Partition Coefficients of N-Propylmercaptan, N-Butylmercaptan and Di-Methylsulfide in MDEA/DEA Aqueous Solutions
P2009.43What is a Safety Instrumented System?
P2009.46What Tools are Available to Help Maintain a Code Compliant MAOP for a Highly Complex and Changing Gas Pipeline System?
P2009.04Williams Operator and Technician Training Program Develops Employees to Safely and Reliably Operate its Gas Gathering and Processing Assets

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