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89th Annual Convention Proceedings (2010)

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P201089th Annual Convention CD (2010)-
P2010.67A New Generation of Field Flares
P2010.38A Practical Approach to Amine System Optimization
P2010.37Advances in Fluor Solvent Technology
P2010.21An Analysis of Hydrate Conditions and Property Predictions in Acid Gas Injection Systems
P2010.01An Evaluation of General "Rules of Thumb" in Amine Sweetening Unit Design and Operation
P2010.32Are All LNG Plants Created Equal?
P2010.43Augmenting TEG Performance in Hot Weather
P2010.64Benchmarking Solvents for Carbon Capture
P2010.07Capturing Knowledge for Standardization and Re-Use
P2010.33Carbon Consciousness & the Need for Environmental Intelligence
P2010.34Carbon Consciousness & the Need for Environmental Intelligence - Power Point
P2010.30Climate Change Legislation and Carbon Capture Technology Solutions
P2010.05Climate Change, Where Do We Go From Here?
P2010.59Comparison of Equations of State for CO2 Compression Power and Interstage Water Dropout Simulation
P2010.09Control Room Management
P2010.63Designing Trays for Selective Treating
P2010.06Determination of Hydrocarbon Dew Point in Natural Gas
P2010.49Economical Option for CO2/Methane Separation in Produced Gas Containing a High CO2 Fraction
P2010.29Emission Regulations and the Impact on Operating Costs and Asset Utilization
P2010.41Experimental Study and Phase Equilibrium Modeling of Systems Containig Acid Gas and Glycol
P2010.20Federal Legislative and Regulatory Update
P2010.02Field Implementation of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction Projects
P2010.15FLEXSORB® SE a Proven Reliable Acid Gas Enrichment Solvent
P2010.03Gas Processing With Ionic Liquid-Amine Solvents
P2010.31GPA 2010 Sour Gas Symposium Tail Gas Clean-Up Units
P2010.25Greenhouse Gas Inventory Reporting, Regulation and Legislation: How Will It Affect Gas Processors and Suppliers?
P2010.26Greenhouse Gas Reporting, Regulation and Legislation, How Will this Affect Gas Processors? - PowerPoint
P2010.45Improving Operations Reliability Through Upset Management Controls
P2010.53Innovative Technologies for Reducing GHG Emissions and Generating Carbon Credits
P2010.57Isle of Grain: From LNG Peak Shaving to LNG Import
P2010.47Maintaining ROI on APC Investments - A Case History
P2010.39Managing and Optimizing Midstream Gross Margin Positions Using a Fully Integrated Predictive Business Model
P2010.18Modular vs. Stick Built LNG Plant
P2010.40Molecular Gate™ Technology for (Smaller Scale) LNG Pretreatment
P2010.24Motor Vehicle Collision Prevention in Gas Processing
P2010.48New Alternative for Expanding CO2 Processing Facilities
P2010.10Onshore Gas Gathering - Issues Identified in Applying Current Regulatory Language
P2010.14Optimizing Gas Plant Train Configuration Using RAM Analysis
P2010.28Oxygen Removal in Natural Gas Systems
P2010.68Planning and Teamwork - An Exceptional LNG Startup (Energia Costa Azul Regasification Terminal)
P2010.62Prediction of Liquids and Solids Formation for High Pressure Acid Gas Blowdown
P2010.19Relief Systems: Learning from Incidents to Avoid Blockage
P2010.36Rich Gas from Shale & NGL Infrastructure Opportunities - Power Point
P2010.35Rich Gas From Shale: and NGL Infrastructure Opportunities
P2010.56Shale Gas - A Review
P2010.27Sour Gas Symposium - Claus Sulfur Recovery Unit
P2010.55Sour Gas Symposium - Gas Treating
P2010.42Sour Gas Symposium - Sulfur Handling
P2010.12SRU/TGCU Environmental Air Permits, Regulations, & Guidelines in Texas
P2010.22Systematic Approach to Mitigate Impacts of Ambient Temperature on LNG Plant Capacity
P2010.11The Great Petrochemical Re-Balancing Act!
P2010.44The Role of Online Models in Planning and Optimization of Gas Processing Facilities: Challenges and Benefits
P2010.54The Shah Gas Development (SGD) Project - A New Benchmark
P2010.50Use of GPA Research Program Data/Software for Trouble Shooting and Solving Operational Issues During Commissioning of Ethane
P2010.66Use of Kaiser Raman Spectroscopy for the In-Situ Monitoring of Hydrocarbon Mixtures
P2010.52Water Content, Solubility and Dehydration - Data Revision and New Thermodynamic Model
P2010.46What's Around Your Pipeline? Best Methods to Determine Class Locations
P2010.51Worker Fatique in the Natural Gas Industry

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