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Research Reports 150-199

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RR-150 Mutual Solubility in Water-Hydrocarbon Systems - H.J. Ng, C.-J. Chen, DB Robinson Research Ltd., July 1995-
RR-151 Reaction Kinetics of CO2 with MEA, DEA and MDEA-Based Blends - Ralph H. Weiland, Optimized Gas Treating, Inc., August 1996-
RR-152 Physical Properties of MEA, DEA, MDEA and MDEA-Based Blends Loaded with CO2 - Ralph H. Weiland, Optimized Gas Treating, August 1996-
RR-153 Enhancement Factors for Acid Gas Removal with Single and Mixed Amines, Ralph H. Weiland, Optimized Gas Treating, August 1996-
RR-154 Experimental Enthalpies of Light/Heavy Hydrocarbon Systems: Methane/n-Heptane, Methane/Methlcyclohexane, Methane/Toluene - Loren C. Wilson and Grant M. Wilson, Wiltech Research Company, October 1997-
RR-155 Solubility of H2S and CO2 in Alkanolamines - S. H. Huang and H.-J Ng, DB Robinson Research Ltd., September 1998-
RR-156 Hydrate Phase Equilibria in Inhibited & Brine Systems, P. Raj Bishnoi, Pankaj D. Dholabhai, and Kal N. Mahadev, Univ. of Calgary, August 1996-
RR-157 Acid Gas Treating with Aqueous Alkanolamines - Part 1: A Mass Transfer Model for Predicting Rates of Absorption of Stripping of H2S and CO2 in MDEA, DEA, and Blends of DEA and MDEA , December 1997-
RR-158 AcidGas Treating with Aqueous Alkanolamines - Part II: Physical Property Data Important in Modeling H2S and C02 Absorption into Aqueous DEA, MDEA, and Blends of DEA and MDEA, Part II, December 1997-
RR-159 AcidGas Treating with Aqueous Alkanolamines - Part III: Experimental Absorption Rate Measurements and Reaction Kinetics for H2S and CO2 in Aqueous DEA, MDEA, and Blends of DEA and MDEA - December 1997-
RR-160 Mutual Solubility in Gas Condensate - EG Solution Systems - H. J. Ng and C. J. Chen, DB Robisnon Research Ltd., January 2000-
RR-161 Kinetics of Gas Hydrates with and Without Inhibitors - Kyoo Y. Song, Guillaume Feneyrou, Raymond Martin, Riki Kobayashi, Rice University, May 1997-
RR-162 Vapor-Liquid Equilibria fo Volatile-Sulfur-Containing Systems III. Butane-Sulfur Compounds Containing Systems IV. Hydrocarbon-Hydrocarbon-Sulfur Compounds Containing Systems V. Hydrocarbon(s) - Hydrogen Sulfide-Sulfur Compounds Containing Sys. 9/98-
RR-163 Diffusion Coefficients in Aqueous Amines, Richard Rowley, Brigham Young University, March 1999-
RR-164 Phase Equilibria and Kinetics of Sulfur Species - HYydrocarbon-Aqueous Amine Systems, Heng-Joo-Ng, F. Y. Jou and A. E. Mather, December 1998-
RR-165 Collection of VLE Data for Acid Gas - Alkanolamine Systems Using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy - Jerry A. Bullin, Richard R. Davison, and William J. Rogers, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX March 1997-
RR-166 Enthalpies of Mixing of CO2/CH4 or H2S/CH4 Mixtures with Aqueous Solutions of Methyldiethanolamine and Diethanolamine-
RR-167 CO2 & H2S Thermodynamics and Kinetics in Aqueous Alkanolamines - Gary Rochelle, Msafiri Mshewa, Mark Posey, Manuel Pacheco, and Shoich Kagonoi, The Univesity of Texas at Austin, March 2000-
RR-168 Hydrate Phase Composition for Multicomponent Gases - Heng Joo Ng, Craig Borman, DB Robinson Research, June 1999-
RR-169 GPSA Engineering Data Book Revitalization and Maintenance - Water-Hydrocarbon Mutual Solubility Data, Jan Wagner, OSU, June 1999-
RR-170 Prediction of Sulfur Compound Distribution in Fractionators, et. al.-
RR-171 Solids Deposition in Natural Gas Systems - Amyn Teja, Vicky Smith, Tongfan Sun and Janette Mendez-Santiago, February 2000-
RR-172 Thermodynamic Models for Natural Gas Sweetening Fluids-
RR-173 GPA Thermodynamic Data Base - Jan Wagner, Khaled Gasem and Eric Maase, OSU, May 2000-
RR-174 Water Content of Natural Gas Systems Containing Acid Gas - Heng Joo Ng, C.J. Chen, and Helmut Schroeder, January 2001-
RR-175 COS Removal from Propane , June 2001-
RR-176 Removal of Propylene from Fuel-Grade Propane/LPG, Paul F. Bryan, August 2001-
RR-177 Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Studies on Water-Methanol-TEG-Hydrocarbon Systems, Heng-Joo Ng and Helmut Schroeder, DBR Research, March 2002-
RR-179 Vapor Liquid Equilibrium Measurements on Propane, n-Butane, Isobutane, Ethane, n-Pentane, and n-Hexane - David M. VonNiederhausem and Neil F. Giles, Wiltec Research Co., Inc., September 2001-
RR-180 Amine BTEX Solubility - A. Valtz, P. Gilbot, and D. Richon, ARMINES, Paris, France, December 2002-
RR-181 Enthalpy of Hydrate Formation from Multicomponent Gases - Ken Marsh, Univeresity of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand, November 2003-
RR-182 Kinetics of Sulfur Species - Hydrocarbon - Aqueous Amine Systems, Orville C. Sandall, Univesity of California, December 2002-
RR-183 The Impact of Sulfur Species on Glycol Dehydration - A Study of the Solubility of Certain Gases and Gas Mixtures in Glycol Solutions at Elevated Pressures and Temperatures, January 2003-
RR-184 Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Studies on Water-Methanol-MDEA-Hydrocarbon Systems, Heng-Joo Ng, Oilphase DBR, Edmonton, AB, Canada, June, 2003-
RR-185 Solubility of Hydrocarbons in Amine Solutions - Dominique Richon, ARMINES, March 2004-
RR-186 The Determination of VLE Data on CO2 & H2S in MDEA & It's Blends with Other Amines, May 2004-
RR-187 Low Temperature V-L-E Data for Water, CO2 and Light Hydrocarbon Systems, January 2005-
RR-188 GPA Round Robin Chromatograph Test Project, April 2005-
RR-189 The Impact of Sulfur Species on Glycol Dehydration - A Study of the Solubility of Certain Gases and Gas Mixtures in Glycol Solutions at Elevated Pressures and Temperatures, December 2005-
RR-190 An Examination of Interfering Factors in the ASTM D-1838 Copper Strip Test, March 2006-
RR-191 State of Mercury Removal Technology, July 2006-
RR-192 Carbonyl Sulfide (COS) Removal from Propane, March 2006-
RR-193 High Pressure Gas Separation and Conditioning, January 2008-
RR-194 Gas Hydrate Dissociation Kinetics and Calorimetry Measurements of Hydrate Enthalpies of Dissociation, January 2008-
RR-195 Mutual Solubility of Hydrocarbons and Amines, January 2008-
RR-196 Tests of Instruments for Measuring Hydrocarbon Dew Points in Natural Gas Streams, Phase 1, January 2008-
RR-197 Moisture Analyzers Survey, April 2008-
RR-198 Water and Inhibitor Distribution in Gas Production Systems, August 2008-
RR-199 Tests of Instruments for Measuring Hydrocarbon Dew Points in Natural Gas Streams, Phase 2, September 2008-

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