GPA Midstream Association

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that 50 percent of the oil and gas industry’s workforce will be eligible for retirement within the next five to ten years, and GPA Midstream leaders have long recognized the need to train and retain our industry’s young talent to help fill the impending employment gap.

In 2008, GPA Midstream introduced a training and networking option for the midstream industry’s young professionals at its GPA Midstream Convention, and since then, we have witnessed an increasing number of young faces join us for the premier midstream industry conference year after year and also become involved at a greater level on GPA Midstream committees.

Most of GPA Midstream’s domestic chapters have their own young professionals groups and activities.

To GPA Midstream, a young professional is loosely defined as someone with less than 10 years of industry experience. Member company employees meeting that definition are invited and encouraged to become involved with GPA Midstream committees to garner additional industry knowledge and leadership experience.