GPA Midstream Association

For all companies - small, mid-size and large - GPA Midstream’s increased presence on Capitol Hill, frequent communications with legislators and regulators, and heightened focus on state midstream issues in the key states of Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wyoming, serve to protect members’ interests in matters that companies might not otherwise be involved. For major companies, our proactive involvement in the areas described not only supplement what member company employees with such responsibilities are doing, but also serve as an extension to their capabilities.

In 2015, GPA Midstream opened a dedicated Washington, D.C. office to maximize GPA Midstream’s legislative and regulatory influence and visibility. GPA Midstream also has a robust state government affairs function that relies upon staff leadership and direction, representatives of GPA Midstream member companies serving as state liaisons, and outside consultants, all engaged to focus on activities in the key states mentioned above.

For more information, visit the Advocacy Advisory Group page to learn more about our advocacy efforts and related committees.