GPA Midstream comments on EPA 90-day stay

TULSA, Okla. (April 19, 2017) -- Yesterday the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) granted a 90-day stay of the compliance date for the fugitive emissions monitoring requirements for compressor stations under NSPS OOOOa.
In August 2016, GPA Midstream filed a request for EPA to grant partial reconsideration and a stay of EPA's "Oil and Natural Gas Sector: Emission Standards for New, Modified and Reconstructed Sources" final rule. The association submitted a supplemental request for a stay in March 2017. GPA Midstream issued the following statement in response to EPA's decision:
"The 90-day stay will allow GPA Midstream members to delay or suspend implementation of their fugitive emissions monitoring programs for compressor stations affected by NSPS OOOOa. In particular, companies now have the option to defer several thousands of dollars in expenditures for each affected station on development of monitoring plans, purchase of monitoring equipment and conducting of initial monitoring surveys," said Mark Sutton, GPA Midstream president and CEO. "GPA Midstream has a long history of working collaboratively with state and federal regulators to identify commonsense solutions on a wide range or regulatory issues, including many environmental issues. We appreciate this continued collaborative working relationship with EPA during its rule making and reconsideration process."


Founded in 1921, the GPA Midstream Association is a trade organization with nearly 100 corporate members of all sizes engaged in the gathering and processing of natural gas, commonly referred to as "midstream activities" in the energy sector. Natural gas is one of the world's primary energy sources and much of it must be purified, or "processed," to meet quality standards and regulations and to make useful everyday products for homes, factories and businesses. Gas processing includes the removal of impurities from the raw natural gas stream produced at the wellhead, as well as the extraction for sale of natural gas liquid products (NGLs) such as ethane, propane, butane and natural gasoline. GPA Midstream members account for more than 90 percent of NGLs produced in the United States from natural gas processing. GPA Midstream members also operate hundreds of thousands of miles of domestic gas gathering pipelines, in addition to pipelines involved with storing, transporting and marketing natural gas and NGLs.

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