GPA Midstream Association

What is Midstream?

GPA Midstream is a non-profit trade association representing the midstream industry, but what exactly does “midstream” mean?

As a simple explanation, the midstream industry’s basic raw material is natural gas, which is a fossil fuel and one of the world’s primary energy sources. Natural gas has to go from production to market.

The industry that connects production to markets is where the midstream industry takes over.

From Production to Market

Natural gas consists of hydrocarbons like methane, propane, butane, pentane, plus many more. It also contains undesired materials such as sulfur compounds, water, CO2, etc.

Raw natural gas must be purified, or “processed,” to meet quality standards and regulations and to make useful everyday products for our homes, factories and businesses.

The End Result

Without the acts of gathering and processing, the delivery of natural gas to your home wouldn’t be possible. Plus, we wouldn’t see familiar products like rubber, plastics or synthetics on the market without hydrocarbons.

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