GPA Midstream Association

GPA Midstream's Technical Committee is composed of seven working sections - each focused on a specific technological discipline. This committee has provided virtually all of the technical standards applicable to gas processing operations, custody transfer and measurement. This committee (sections included) meets twice each year, in conjunction with the GPA Midstream Convention and in the fall.

  • Committee Leadership

  • Chair: Francis Foret, Targa Resources
  • Vice Chair: James Meier, Pioneer
  • GPA Midstream Staff Liaison: Martin Erne
  • Committee Documents

  • Coming Soon

Learn more about each working section:

Analysis & Test Methods (Technical Section B)
Facilities Design & Optimization (Technical Section A)
Measurement & Quantity Determination (Technical Section H)
Operations & Maintenance (Technical Section M)
Pipeline Design, Operation & Maintenance (Technical Section P)
Product Specifications (Technical Section C)
Technical Data Development (Technical Section F)