GPA Midstream Association

GPA Midstream’s Technical Section M – Operations & Maintenance, serves as a forum for personnel involved in operations and maintenance of midstream facilities to share and improve practices and procedures. This group maintains a list of topics identified to consider addressing, such as preventative maintenance programs, plant turnarounds and vendor alliances. This committee meets 2 times per year, most commonly in April and October.

  • Committee Leadership

  • Chair: Steve Pudlewski, Enterprise Products
  • Vice Chair:Shawn Brennan, Enterprise Products Operating
  • Young Professionals Liaison: Chris Cabusao, Tesoro Logistics
  • GPA Midstream Staff Liaison: Martin Erne
  • Committee Documents

  • Coming Soon

Typical Committee Member

A typical committee member for Technical Section M – Operations & Maintenance includes individuals with appropriate job responsibilities and/or expertise relating to this committee’s work. This committee accepts volunteers with appropriate experience, and members may also be assigned by a GPA Midstream member company.

Benefits of Committee Membership

Section M members can personally and professionally benefit from the sharing of operation and maintenance practices and procedures, as well as networking.

Products & Services

Section M maintains the following documents and publications:

Interaction with other GPA Midstream Committees/Outside Organizations

Section M reports to the GPA Midstream Technical Committee and has had frequent correspondence with the National Fire Protection Association in recent years regarding NFPA 56 – Standard for Fire and Explosion Prevention During Cleaning and Purging of Flammable Gas Piping Systems, 2014 Edition.