GPA Midstream Association

GPA Midstream’s Executive Committee is a closed group that reports to and exercises the power of the GPA Midstream board of directors when the board is not in session as to routine affairs of the association.

The GPA Midstream chairman of the board leads this committee. Other members include the GPA Midstream chairman-elect, the three vice chairmen, the immediate past GPA Midstream chairman, and five GPA Midstream member company representatives that are appointed by the GPA Midstream chairman and are not officers. GPA Midstream’s president/CEO and corporate secretary are also members of this committee.

  • Committee Members

  • Chairman of the Board: Bill Ordemann, Enterprise Products
  • Chairman-Elect: Bill Ward, Superior Pipeline
  • Doug Coleman, Prism Midstream, Vice Chair
  • Robert Mitchell, Carrera Gas Company, Vice Chair
  • Terry Spencer, ONEOK, Vice Chair
  • Joe Colella, Energy Transfer, Appointee
  • Bruce Darter, Kinder Morgan, Appointee
  • Bert Dillman, MLPX, Appointee
  • Johnny Dreyer, GPA Midstream Staff
  • Andy Giffhorn, Phillips 66, Appointee
  • John Poarch, Williams, Appointee
  • Mark Sutton, GPA Midstream Staff
  • Wouter van Kempen, DCP Midstream, Past Chair
  • Clark White, Targa Resources, Appointee