GPA Midstream Association

GPA Midstream’s Analysis, Test Methods and Product Specifications group has two main charges: 1) developing/maintaining analytical procedures and test methods that are needed by the midstream industry. Current emphases include a continuing advancement of the extended analysis methods for both gas and liquids. 2) Developing/maintaining product quality specifications for LP-Gas and natural gasoline, as well as monitoring and commenting on specifications for natural gas and CNG. Current emphasis is the identification, test methods and possible control of natural gas liquids contaminants. View the Analysis, Test Methods and Product Specifications Committee Charter.

  • Committee Leadership

  • Chair: Joe Landes, SPL
  • Co-Vice Chair: Gregory Clark, Enterprise Products
  • Co-Vice Chair: David Curtis, Anadarko Petroleum
  • Young Professionals Liaison: Andrew Parker, Zedi US
  • GPA Midstream Staff Liaison: Martin Erne

Typical Committee Member

A typical committee member includes those with applicable job responsibilities and/or expertise (i.e. lab personnel). This committee accepts volunteers with appropriate experience, and members may also be recommended or assigned by a GPA Midstream member company.

Current Committee Members

GPA Midstream and GPSA members on the committee as of 03-26-19 include:

A+ Corporation
Alliance Source Testing
Anadarko Petroleum
AUX Sable Liquid Products Inc.
Boardwalk Louisiana Midstream, LLC
Coastal Flow Measurement, Inc.
DCP Midstream, LP
Enable Midstream Partners
EnLink Midstream
Enterprise Products Operating LP
Flow-Cal, Inc.
Honeywell UOP
Johnson Petrotech Services, Inc.
JP3 Measurement
Marathon Petroleum Corp.
MarkWest Energy Partners L.P.
Midcoast Energy
Movilab, S.A. de C.V.
Mustang Gas Products, LLC
ONEOK Partners
Phillips 66
Phoenix Park Gas Processors Ltd.
SPL, Inc.
Superior Pipeline Co.
Targa Resources, Inc.
VUV Analytics, Inc.
Zedi US

Benefits of Committee Membership

Members have the opportunity to participate in the development, refinement and implementation of the midstream industry’s sampling procedures, specification test methods and analytical methods.

Members can also benefit from insight into midstream, refining and petrochemical industry trends and regulations and also from the opportunity to develop specifications for the midstream industry.

Networking opportunities are abundant with committee involvement, and committee members are able to share information and their own experiences related to sampling and testing procedures. This group also receives extensive exposure to industry standards and methods.

Products & Services

The committee manages, directs and conducts GPA Midstream’s annual School of Gas Chromatography, which teaches basic gas and gas liquid chromatography with an introduction to extended analysis and portable chromatographs. This is a hands-on school directed toward chromatograph operators, measurement technicians and engineers involved with chromatography. Learn more about the GPA Midstream School of Gas Chromatography.

This committee has developed all U.S. specifications and many international specifications for LP-Gas. This group has recently revised the following standards:

  • GPA 2108 - Fractionation Grade Product Specifications
  • GPA 2140 - Liquefied Petroleum Gas Specifications and Test Methods

Interaction with other GPA Midstream Committees/Outside Organizations

Aside from working with GPA Midstream’s other technical sections, committee members also work with the American Petroleum Institute and the American Society for Testing and Materials.