Donald L. Katz Award

The Donald L. Katz Award is named in honor of the highly esteemed Professor Emeritus of the University of Michigan.

It was initiated in 1985 to recognize outstanding accomplishments in midstream research and technology, and/or for excellence in engineering education. Dr. Katz has been closely associated with GPA Midstream and the natural gas and gas industry during all of his long and distinguished career. He and his students developed much of the classic data and many of the correlations that are essential to understanding the science and engineering of light hydrocarbon production and processing. He was the 1950 recipient of the GPA Midstream Hanlon Award, the first of some 21 major scientific honors and awards received during his career.

The award, symbolized by a wall plaque bearing an engraved likeness of Dr. Katz, is not an annual event, but is conferred as deemed appropriate by GPA Midstream research leaders and the Awards Committee. It is given out at the opening General Session of the GPA Midstream Convention.

Donald L. Katz Award Recipients

2020 Dr. Jürgen Gmehling, Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg
Robert A. Hubbard, Petroskills/John M. Campbell
D. John Morgan, Petroskills/John M. Campbell
Dr. Larry Lilly, Larry Lilly Consulting
2018 Dr. James C. Holste, Texas A&M University
2017 Dr. Kraemer Luks, University of Tulsa
2016 Dr. David F. Bergman (posthumous)
2015 Dr. Ralph H. Weiland, Optimized Gas Treating Inc.
2014 Dr. William R. Parrish, Phillips Petroleum Co. (retired)
2013 Dr. Arthur Kidnay, Colorado School of Mines 
2012 Dr. John J. McKetta, University of Texas at Austin
2011 Dr. Gary Rochelle, University of Texas at Austin
2010 Dr. Walter G. Chapman, Rice University
2009 Dr. James F. Ely, Colorado School of Mines
2008 Peter Clark, Alberta Sulphur Research Ltd.
2007 Ken Marsh, University of Canterbury
2006 Ding-Yu Peng, University of Saskatchewan
2005 Dr. Heng-Joo Ng, P.E., Oilphase - DBR
2004 Dr. Jerry Bullin, Texas A&M University
2003 Dr. Kenneth E. Starling, University of Oklahoma
2002 Dr. P.R (Raj) Bishnoi, University of Calgary
2001 Professor Dominique Richon, Ecole des Mines in Paris
2000 D. E Dendy Sloan, Colorado School of Mines
1999 Dr. Orville Sandall, University of California
1998 Dr. Fred D. Otto, University of Alberta, Dr. Alan Mather, University of Alberta
1997 Dr. Kenneth Hall, Texas A & M University
1996 Dr. John Erbar (posthumous)
1994 Dr. K. C. Chao, Purdue University
1993 Fred Poettmann, Colorado School of Mines
1992 John Prausnitz, University of California, Berkeley
1990 Dr. Frank Dotterweich, Texas A & I University
GPA Midstream awarded its first Katz recipients in 1985. For recipients between 1985 - 1990, contact GPA Midstream