Hanlon Award

The Hanlon Award is the most prestigious recognition and highest honor of the midstream industry, and is one of the ranking awards of the petroleum industry.

It was initiated in 1937 by the late E. I. Hanlon, who was a pioneer in the early gas processing industry of West Virginia. Later, Mr. Hanlon founded the Hanlon Companies in the Mid-Continent oil fields and became Chairman of the National Bank of Tulsa. The Award has been continued in Mr. Hanlon's name since his death in 1984.

The Hanlon Award is conferred annually on an individual whose career includes prominent achievement and outstanding contributions to the midstream industry. Such contributions may include, but is not limited to, technical services, business accomplishment, education, research, or other outstanding leadership that has materially advanced the welfare of the midstream industry. Prior recipients have included engineers, research scientists, business leaders, educators, journalists, and virtually every other discipline associated with the industry.

The award, consisting of a modest wall plaque and a gift of the recipient's choice, is not necessarily an annual event, but is conferred as deemed appropriate by the GPA Midstream Awards Committee. It is presented at the opening General Session of the GPA Midstream Convention.

Hanlon Award Recipients

2018 Alan Armstrong, Williams
2015 John Ehlers, Valero (retired)
2014 Kelcy Warren, Energy Transfer Equity
2008 Allen Tarbutton, Devon Gas Services
2007 Mike Panatier, GPM
2006 Boyd Anderson, BP
2005 Jim Mogg, Duke Energy
2002 J.P. Herrin, Valero (Retired)
2001 Dan Duncan, Enterprise Products
2000 Dr. A. H. Younger, Solex Energy
1999 Fred G. Russell, Hudson Products Co.
1998 Jack Trench, Mafi-Trench (Retired)
1997 Tom Russell, T. H. Russell Co.
1996 R. W. Hankinson, Phillips
1995 Gustavo J. Inciarte, PDVSA
1994 Lyman Yarborough, Amoco Production Research Co.
1993 Daniel W. Kemp, Trident NGL
1992 Earl Kirk, CSX (Retired)
1991 Bill Randall, The Randall Corp.
1990 Bruce M. Withers, Jr., Mitchell Energy Corp.
GPA Midstream awarded its first Hanlon recipients in 1937. For recipients between 1937 - 1990, contact GPA Midstream.